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The Cooperative Children’s Book Center: A Reading Haven

Do you know a librarian?

Are you interested in books for children and youth?

Maybe you’re just an all-round book-nut? :-)

Read on………

Nerdy Book Club

10668653_10152732881524747_8039155661856747443_oI started my journey to become a school librarian in 2006 when I enrolled as a part-time graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. Even though I had grown up in a small city near the university, I knew more about the college hockey team than I did about what was all housed on campus. It wasn’t until library school orientation that I learned that the Cooperative Children’s Book Center even existed–a place filled with children’s and young adult literature.

The CCBC is a wonderful examination library associated with UW’s School of Education whose staff tirelessly promote children’s and young adult literature to educators and librarians of all kinds. It seems like countless new books arrive each year at the CCBC for review by its librarians: KT Horning, Megan Schliesman, Merri Lindgren and Emily Townsend. I have found their resources and expertise to be an essential part of my professional…

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