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Self-editing masterclass snapshots: Too-Brief Drafts…

Are you a writer who can’t seem to write long enough drafts?

In today’s Re-Blog, Roz Morris gives advice on lengthening your writing—plus, she links to another post about turning a short story into a novel :-)

Nail Your Novel

guard10600083783_247409cd5d_bI’m running a series of the smartest questions from my recent Guardian self-editing masterclass for novelists. Last time I discussed how much extra material we might write that never makes the final wordcount. Today I’m looking at the opposite problem.

‘My drafts are too brief’

One writer in the class confessed that he had an uncommon problem – his drafts were quite brief. While most of us had fluff we needed to cut, he never did. Which was an interesting problem. (It turns out he’s not alone. After last week, I had a number of comments from writers who also found their drafts were on the skinny side.)

Here are some places to pump up the pagecount –

  • sub-plots
  • secondary characters
  • secondary paths in the main characters’ lives
  • back story
  • parallel stories
  • action that seems to echo the theme.

And here’s a post I wrote about turning a short…

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2 responses to “Self-editing masterclass snapshots: Too-Brief Drafts…

  1. Roz Morris @Roz_Morris August 18, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    Thank you, once again, for the repost, Alexander.


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