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Learning to Fish (and Write)

Is it fair to say the relationship between Reader and Writer is like the relationship between Fish and Those-Who-Fish?

Read on :-)

Live to Write - Write to Live

I don't know what I expected from the title, but I was hooked from the first sentence. I don’t know what I expected from the title, but I was hooked from the first sentence.

I’m learning to fish as part of a current writing project. The allure is two-fold: First, I’m exploring new ways to be in nature. Fishing – fly-casting, in particular – appeals to me for both its contemplative quality and for its required knowledge of entomology. I used to keep bees, but they attracted bears. The right imitation of insects (flies tied to look like the hatch of the moment) should attract fish. That’s the theory, anyway. I’m just starting to practice.

The second enticement to learning to fish is the literature that fishing has inspired. I like literary sports and have read a great deal about baseball, which has inspired both poetry and prose.

So it only made sense to visit the library, seek out where the fishing books lurked, and pull half…

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2 responses to “Learning to Fish (and Write)

  1. Salvatore Ritondo (@SalRitondo) August 15, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    Sometimes when I am fishing especially when I’m not catching anything I realize it is okay because I am writing. So the time is never wasted.

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  2. Alexander M Zoltai August 15, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Wonderful, Sal :-)


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