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The Reader’s Dilemma: To Read or Reread?

Have you faced this challenge in your reading life?

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1170824_archivum__old_library_I find myself facing a dilemma that I think all prolific readers and anyone who appreciates the inner/philosophical life finds himself facing. Lately, now that I FINALLY have a job I can leave at work, giving me more free time, the reader’s dilemma is hitting me hard.

We all have limited time to devote to reading. So when we can read, WHAT should we read? The choices feel limitless. Really, though, I find that for me personally the attractions fall into two camps:

  1. REREAD BOOKS THAT HAVE TOUCHED ME. There are SO many books, fiction and nonfiction alike, that have taught me something about myself and/or the human condition. So many books I have read once or twice, books that I know, as long as it’s been since I’ve read them, would teach me something very different than what I got out of them the first time around.

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