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Where Do You Go to Find Your Reading Community? by Jennifer Walker


Are “things” getting in the way of your reading?

Check out this re-blog (from a teacher) with 7 tips about how to re-energize your reading life…

Nerdy Book Club

I recently had the pleasure of learning with Dr. Jennifer Buehler, President-Elect of ALAN. Dr. Buehler asked our group of educators, “Where do you go to find your reading community?” As I thought about my response to Dr. Buehler’s question, I also wondered if she had issued this as challenge of sorts, questioning if all educators actually had a reading community, or even a solitary reading life.

Throughout my life, reading has risen and fallen in my list of priorities.  As my to-do list became overwhelmed with lesson plans to be created, countless student essays to be graded, diapers to be changed, the joys of reading did not even seem like a possibility.  I began to think of reading as a guilty pleasure, an activity to save for the few glorious days spent lying on the beach each July. By reading some great blogs and spending our few date nights…

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