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Virtual and Sometime Friends ( Really Careless Talk!)

Are you a writer?

Have you had quite enough of “social media”?

Do you wonder if you really have to Tweet and do all those other things “They” say you must if you ever expect to sell books?

Check out this Re-blog from Philippa for a radically different point of view………

INVOLUTION: Science and God: Reality Redefined

Virtual and Sometime Friends ( Really Careless Talk!)

I have taken a long silence in the past weeks. Many loose threads are now waving at me to be woven into some kind of order. Having briefed the court case and found the book judged ‘not guilty’ I was bereft of purpose. Bereft also of much conviction that anything else I could say would have the value that justified saying it.

Some of those threads. Casual Observations, all.

• Blogging.

Unlike cooking which presents the necessity at least once daily, there is no appetite for a blog that is reflective, philosophically reflective, or too argumentative, or too long. Guilty as charged m’lud. I have perhaps twelve faithful friends who read and comment, and some at extravagant length. That is most warming and I can answer at equal length and never write anything else. This might discourage others who prefer to mwah…

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2 responses to “Virtual and Sometime Friends ( Really Careless Talk!)

  1. philipparees July 18, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Thank you so much Alexander for this re-post. It is very odd. The things I toss off in desperation ( like this post linked) find far more readers that the things I spend time crafting. Which says something more about on-line readership- it is innately simpatico and bruises shown find balm from many who might pass over clever clog constructions. Now that I have finished ‘Watchman’ I believe it was never ‘a bad book on the way to a good one’ ( PHilip Henscher in this week’s Spectator’) it is the natural sequel and now it shouts for a review! Not because it needs my help but because I need its help to make a new sense of my world of racist South Africa, and writing and what its power can be in pulling us out of ourselves.


    • Alexander M Zoltai July 18, 2015 at 2:15 pm

      Yes, Philippa, response to social media (and, blogs Are social media) is oh, so wickedly strange…

      And, your words, “…writing and what its power can be in pulling us out of ourselves.”, is a major reason to keep writing ( and blogging:-)


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