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Friday Poll ~ What’s Your Author-Gender Preference?

First, the results from last week’s poll—Reading, Writing, and Movies.

Author Gender Preference Poll

Image Courtesy of Michal Zacharzewski ~

For the Reading and Movies Poll :

1st place went toI like to see the movie after I read the book

2nd placeSome movies are just as good as the book

3rd placeShort stories make the best movies

4th place was a two-way tie :

Movies are never as good as the book AND Some movies are better than the book

5th placeI like to read the book after I see the movie

And, there was one Comment within the poll :

“I think the movie should be seen as a separate art form to a book. It may have been inspired by the book but does not necessarily have to replicate it. Both have their own intrinsic value and both can be enjoyed independent of each other or both can complement each other – it really depends on the approach of the director. I don’t think that a movie should slavishly follow a book but it can sometimes capture the ‘spirit’ of a book and please fans of the book just as much, depicting its essence in a different way :-)”

Now, the results of the Writing and Movies Poll :

1st place was a two-way tie :

Watching movies always gives me ideas for my writing AND Watching movies sometimes gives me ideas for my writing

2nd placeA movie could never capture what I write

3rd place was a two-way tie :

The best movies have the screenplay written by the author of the book AND not sure if my books will ever become movies <— this response was in the “Other” space…


Now, for this week’s poll—What’s Your Author-Gender Preference?

Multiple answers are accepted, the “Other” space is available; and, once you vote, there’s a little link at the bottom of the poll for Comments

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