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Friday Poll ~ Why Do You Read?

As always, we look at the results of last week’s poll first—What Kind of Posts Do You Want to See on This Blog? 

Why Do You Read?

Image Courtesy of Vasant Dave ~

There was a four-way tie for 1st Place:
About Reading, Book Promotion, Creativity, & Self-Publishing

2nd Place had About Writers

3rd Place had a two-way tie:
About Writers’ Challenges & Writing Tools

4th Place also had a two-way tie:
About Writers’ Resources & Publishing

5th Place had a four-way tie:
About Libraries, Physical Bookstores, Writing Techniques, and Writing Tasks

6th Place also had a four-way tie:
About Readers, Kinds of Books, Online Book Retailers, and Traditional Publishing

7th Place had a three-way tie that included 2 votes from the “Other” Space:
About Publishers
“Writing games, like Crambo”
“Links to Book Clubs and Reader Likely communities”


Now, this week’s poll—Why Do You Read?

As usual, you can choose Multiple Answers and the “Other” Space is there for your unique reasons for reading

Read Some Strange Fantasies
Grab A Free Novel…
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8 responses to “Friday Poll ~ Why Do You Read?

  1. milliethom January 17, 2015 at 7:04 am

    Interesting results from last week’s poll, although I’m not surprised at the desire to find out more about self-publishing and promotion. There are so many writers out there on WordPress. It should be interesting to see the results of the Reading poll next week. (I’ve just done my vote!)


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