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Friday Poll ~ What Are You Going To Read Next?

First, the results from last week’s poll—What’s Your Writing Schedule? 

What Do You Want To Read Next?

Image Courtesy of Craig Parylo ~

Five time segments were voted high at 12.5% each:

10am – 12pm

4pm – 6pm

6pm – 8pm

8pm – 10pm

No Set Time

The next most-used times to write all had 6.25% of the vote:

4am – 6am

8am – 10 am

12pm – 2pm

2pm – 4pm

10pm – 12am

and, one “Other” vote—“depends upon whatever else I may have going on…”


Now, this week’s poll—What Kind of Reading Do You Want To Do?

Let me mention that our first official Friday Poll, back in August, was What Are You Reading Now?; and, the top vote then was Literary Fiction…

This time, the first two options are *Fiction & *Non-Fiction; then, I’ve listed some common genres…

You can choose either Fiction, Non-Fiction, or both…

You can also choose a Genre…

You could also write-in a Genre in “Other“…

Or, write-in the name of a book in “Other“…

And, you can do All of The Above :-)

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6 responses to “Friday Poll ~ What Are You Going To Read Next?

  1. Nicole November 21, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    I *want* to read everything–ever. Lol!! Maybe what I want is that thing they say about how some writers want to write and some want to have written. I want to have read even more than I want to read maybe. Or maybe not. I’m not sure. :/

    *Hugs* Alex, Happy Friday


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