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Some Questions for The Serious Writer . . .

From the Bio of the author who asks excellent questions:

“This is the story of a journey. The wonder of it. The horror of it. The incomparable moments of it. A blog about the nature of writing–and, I hope, a sharing of the soul of one whose life is consumed by it. I’m an author. I’ve spent my whole life writing. It’s the food I live for. “

Notes from An Alien

There are few other blogs I follow—would like to follow more—far too busy being a writer… Lynn Biederstadt

One other writer I do follow is Lynn Biederstadt of Sky Diaries.

In fact, I’m as careful to leave comments on each of her blog posts as I am to reply to comments here.

I feel the aloneness of being a writer—not loneliness—and feel I should reach across space and let her know I “understand”

Her recent post, The Van Gogh Teach, begins with her visit to the Van Gogh exhibit in Denver, Colorado.

She goes on to explain a lesson the experience gave her, saying:

“A lesson, as so often happens, made up of many questions.”

I appreciate all her posts but this one has questions about writers dealing with the issue of Recognition—Van Gogh not receiving much in his lifetime.

I’m going to put some of Lynn’s questions…

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