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Freelance Editors for Writers

Writers who choose the self-publishing route have some critical choices to make about all the things that happen after a manuscript reaches “final draft”…

Reedsy Freelance Editing

Image Courtesy of Mikhail Lavrenov ~

One of the most important is how the book should be edited…

With my last book I chose an English graduate student who only wanted a mention in the book for their services…

You can read about some of the challenges that presented

Doing a Google search for freelance editors might give you what you want—the Editorial Freelancers Association for example…

Something else you might consider is associating yourself with a new service that’s in Beta—Reedsy.

Here are a few things TechCrunch said about Reedsy:

From a phone interview with CEO Emmanuel Nataf—“Many traditional publishing houses got rid of their staff and now work with freelancers to do all the hard work around your book…There are now many freelancers who are incredibly talented and no longer have a binding contract with their respective publishing company.”

“More than 2,000 editors, copy editors and illustrators asked to work with the startup. In the end, the Reedsy team handpicked 200 of them.”

Authors “…can find freelancers, ask for a quote and start exchanging messaging with these professionals. Everything happens on Reedsy’s website, with dedicated tools to negotiate the price, rate people and browse portfolios.”

“When the book is done, writers have the option to download everything and retain control on their work. They can submit the Epub or Mobi files by themselves to the Kindle Store or iBooks Store. The first Reedsy-enabled books will be available early next year.”

And, a comment that may hold the most important considerations:

“There are two key components behind Reedsy’s platform. First, it’s a highly curated marketplace. The startup targets serious writers who are willing to spend a few thousand dollars to polish their work.”

I absolutely have to share Reedsy’s slogan-quote:
“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” – Steve Jobs

You can also check out their management team and read their blog

And, you can read another article about Reedsy on Publishing Perspectives.

If you know of other freelance editorial services, please do share in the comments :-)
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