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4 Gems from This Writer’s Bookmark Bin

I gather lots of bookmarks, from scanning the news and other sources; and, every so often, I package a few up and share them…

Gems from A Writer's Bookmarks

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Today, I’ll share about hanging out at a famous writer’s home, tips on keeping a writer’s notebook, a writing summer camp for youth, and asylum for persecuted writers.

>>> From KQED Arts is Stay at the Homes of Your Favorite Writers, Thanks to Airbnb:

Do you want to stay at the home of John Steinbeck? Aldous Huxley? James Joyce? Francisco de Quevedo? Miguel des Cervantes? Alexander Dumas? Or, Charles Dickens?

>>> From Glimmer Train is Using The Writer’s Notebook: A Practical Guide:

The Topic Headings are: Handwrite — Be recursive — Keep lists — Don’t be precious — Eavesdrop — Observe — Record — Analyze — Copy — Clip — Draft.

>>> From New Hampshire Public Radio is N.H. Summer Camp Devoted To ‘Writing Up The Mountains’:

Excerpt: “The 7 kids sit on rocks and logs, notebooks on knees. Maybe it’s the lack of real tables but the longer they write the more they fall toward their words until they’re so close it’s like they’re fixing their notebooks with the screwdrivers of their pens.”

>>> From Aljazeera America is In Pittsburgh, a refuge for endangered writers:

Excerpt: “City of Asylum founder Henry Reese was inspired to create the artist refuge in his hometown following a lecture in the late 1990s by writer Salman Rushdie, who had faced deaths threats for his work The Satanic Verses a decade earlier. ‘I respect those that stand up against authority to keep them open and honest’, says Reese.”


Somewhere down the road, I’ll gather a few more gems from my bookmark bin and share………
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