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Libraries Sponsoring Writers In Residence

I’ve done a few posts about residencies for writers—basically, a way to temporarily have their writing time “sponsored”, usually involving their living away from home.

In February it was, Mobile Writer-In-Residence.

In March, Writing On A Long Train Ride ~ For Free?

And, May had Write A House ~ Quite A Deal.

Today, I’ll share a bit from an article in Library JournalLibraries Welcome Writers in Residence.

First is a residency program not far from where I live, at the Public Library of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The Director said:

“I think it lets us really show that we support writers in our community and that we are interested in local writers, local authors, local content—that we are a place for literacy in the community…”

One more snippet:

“The writer will be given a $10,000 stipend and required to conduct a writer’s workshop, speak at four community events, and participate in select library promotions.”

The other program is offered by Coffee House Press.

They were only offering residencies in Minnesota but recently sponsored one in New York City as a prelude to an “expansion to produce more library residencies across the United States, and to create a program to serve as a model for other libraries.”

Jay Peterson, CHP’s project manager, said:

“What we hope to do is to inspire other libraries to collaborate in this way, in a way that provides the writer and artist space and time to work on their own project and create something that helps promote the library and the great things that libraries are able to do for people.”

Their In The Stacks page has this further description:

“Each resident artist will ‘collaborate with the collection’ to create new work. In addition, they will post dispatches on the In the Stacks tumblr and partnering library blog during the residency, chronicling their day-to-day activities.

“The end results, ranging from essays, fiction, and poems to old-fashioned book reports, will serve as a resource to help libraries engage with their own constituents and to incorporate arts organizations and educational groups in creative programming. Writers will present their new work in a public reading at the culmination of the residency.”

One last thought…

It seems any writer could sponsor their own residency in a library…

Actually, many writers have been doing this for quite a long time—leaving home, sitting in a library, and writing their heart out…
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