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Friday Poll ~ Where Do You Read?

As always, we’ll look at last week’s poll first.

Where I like to read

Image Courtesy of Alice Konieczna ~

The question was: What Are Your Special Writing Rituals?

Special Music came out on top with 23.53% of the vote.

Second place went to “Nothing Special” at 17.65%.

Third place was an 11.76% tie between Special Drink, Space, and Computer Program/App.

Then, with 5.88% each were: Special Food, Quietness, and “Burn aromatherapy oils like rosemary or lemon to aid concentration”.

Now, this week’s poll—Where Do You Like To  Read?

Again, I’ve put only a few specific answers in the poll and provided the “Other” Space for your own choices.

If you like, select a few I’ve given and also include a few in the Other space :-)

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