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Finding The Best Writing Advice

Finding good writing advice can be an extremely frustrating process.

Writing Advice

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You may be excited by the promise of articles and books on writing, only to become disheartened  when you apply the advice and your writing doesn’t improve.

If I could offer only one piece of advice, it would be that you need to improve from the Inside Out…

When you’ve changed your Self and your inner motivation to write, your writing will improve.

You may still have to revise like a maniac, but even your revision efforts will improve.

I’ve tagged over 300 posts, nearly a third of everything I’ve written here, as posts to help folks write…

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I did bit of scanning and came up with three posts to get you started:

“Writerisms and other Sins”

Bad Advice for Writers = Most Advice for Writers

An Online Writing Group that Looks Like It Could Work . . .

And, I’ll add the Topic Headings from an article on the site Now Novel151 must visit writing websites:

Structure and Plot


Researching Agents and Writing Queries and Synopses

Publishing and Business

Editor and Agent Blogs


Creativity, Inspiration and Writing Prompts

Workshops and Forums

General Writing Advice

Grammar and Language

Romance, Women’s Fiction and Chicklit

Literary Fiction

Crime, Mystery and Thrillers

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Children’s and YA



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