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100 Wild and Weird Novel Titles from the 1700s

Today’s post is courtesy of Lawrence Evalyn of the University of Victoria, British Colombia, Canada and The Toast website, with Lawrence’s article, 100 Actual Titles of Real Eighteenth-Century Novels.

18th Century Novels

Image Courtesy of The British Library ~

I’l list my favorites here and let your interest take you through the link to see the others :-)

[ You’ll have to Google them to, hopefully, know the author’s names… ]


The Adventures Of A Pin, Supposed To Be Related By Himself, Herself, Or Itself.

The Adventures Of An Irish Smock, Interspersed With Whimsical Anecdotes Of A Nankeen Pair Of Breeches.

The Affecting History Of Two Young Gentlewomen, Who Were Ruined By Their Excessive Attachment To The Amusements Of The Town. To Which Are Added, Many Practical Notes, By Dr. Typo.

The Bachelor’s Journal, Inscribed (Without Permission) To The Girls Of England.

The Fault Was All His Own. In A Series Of Letters. By A Lady.

Good Men Of Modern Date. A Satirical Tale.

The History Of A Dog. Written By Himself, And Published By A Gentleman Of His Acquaintance. Translated From The French.

The Imaginary Adultress.

It Was Me, A Tale By Me, One Who Cares For Nothing Or Nobody.

Married Life; Or, Faults On All Sides.

Memoirs Of An Old Wig.

The Mysterious Pregnancy.

The Peaceful Villa, An Eventful Tale.

Socrates Out Of His Senses.

Think’s-I-To-Myself. A Serio-Ludicro, Tragico-Comido Tale, Written By Think’s-I-To-Myself Who? In Two Volumes.

Who Is The Bridegroom? Or, Nuptial Discoveries.

Wine And Walnuts.
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