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Friday Poll ~ What’s Your Favorite Social Network?

Just before this week’s poll, here are the results from last week—where folks buy books:

No one said they don’t buy books online.

25% buy books online.

12.5% said they buy books online and offline.

25% buy their books on Amazon.

12.5% buy books online from Book Depository.

12.5% buy books offline—places mentioned were Dymocks and Readings bookshops, both in Australia.

The other 12.5% was folks using the “Other” space to write things in…


This Week’s Poll—What’s Your Favorite Social Network?

There is a choice for no favorite and another for using no social networks…

And, even if you check “I don’t have a favorite”, you can still select a few social networks you like…

Also, the “Other” Space can be used for writing-in networks not mentioned…

And, if you need more space than “Other” gives, fill-in “Other”, then Vote, then click on “Comments” at the bottom…

And, here’s a Very Long list of Social Networks :-)
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