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Two Words Left Out of Most of The Book World’s News . . .

So much news about e-books, traditional publishers, and Amazon—so little about Libraries and Bookstores

Libraries and Bookstores

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It can seem like words, no matter how well strung together, are just some commodity—market them aggressively—package ’em up and ship ’em out…

And, even though libraries and bookstores are attempting to integrate e-books into their offerings, more creativity and commitment are necessary…

I’ve posted quite a bit about e-books and libraries—not so much about bookstores; though, “Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores” is probably worth a read :-)

So, what do you think or feel about bookstores and libraries?

Do you still use them?

Do you think they’ll disappear?

I found two articles about e-books and libraries that are not focused on the U.S.A.:

Report: Libraries Struggling with E-books

“The right to e-read”is a Europe-wide campaign

Do you think libraries should have as much access to e-books as the retailers have?

Will libraries become all-digital?

I also found a fascinating article about bookstores—Let’s Reinvent The Bookshop.

One telling excerpt from that article—“Curious to explore this territory, we asked four leading architecture and design practices to create a shop. Specifically, in the age of Amazon and e-books, a bookshop to save bookshops.”

Do you think all brick-and-mortar bookstores will disappear?

Do you think bookstores can save themselves by integrating e-books?

When’s the last time you visited a bookstore?

Would you be happy if they all went away?

It’s always a gamble trying to predict the future; though, there’s nothing wrong with holding a vision of the future and working hard to bring it into reality…

Are we doomed to a future that’s only digital?

Do you know people who are envisioning a future with “real” bookstores and libraries?
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4 responses to “Two Words Left Out of Most of The Book World’s News . . .

  1. Martina Sevecke-Pohlen August 15, 2014 at 5:43 am

    Libraries are neglected. In Germany, they are generally run by local communities which are chronically underfunded. When communites save money they start with swimming pools and libraries: staff has to work at several locations, opening times are therefore inconvenient, books are out of date. At the same time, politicians drone on about the importance of culture and reading. Lately they have discovered a new enemy to German culture: Amazon. It doesn’t cost money to rave about Amazon and keeps people from complaining about the state of their libraries


  2. Martina Sevecke-Pohlen August 20, 2014 at 7:06 am

    I’m sorry I come back almost a week later, Alexander. Yes, readers love Amazon because it’s easy and fast. But they are also quick to declare (not to act) that they won’t no longer buy where workers aren’t treated well. (There was a minor scandal about Spanish workers brought to Germany and made to live in a run down holiday resort last year. The real scandal was that the security firm watching the compound was connected to neo-Nazis and had won a price offered by the Bavarian government.)) I don’t think most readers understand or even know about the ongoing conflict between Amazon and the big Publishing houses. And very likely they don’t care.


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