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5 “Power Tools” for Writers

Do you write?

Writing Tools

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Anything—Business reports, Letters, Novels, Poems, Technical Manuals, Recipes, Short Stories?

Well, PC World shared reviews of 5 writing tools and I bet you could use at least one of them…

Let’s take a look (there’s more info at that last link):

Quip — Android, iOS, desktop browser; free

“…lets you create documents and share them with a group of collaborators, who can then make edits and chat about the file in question….offline editing…changes are synced between your various devices.”

Editorial — iOS; $7

“…edit plain text documents….create ‘workflows’, which allow you to automate actions within the app (such as copying and/or pasting all of the text), and support for Markdown, a tool that converts plain text to HTML.”

Penultimate — iPad; free

This is one of Evernote‘s tools — “…jot your thoughts down by hand….turns your iPad into a notebook and, if you have the artistic skills and a stylus, a sketchbook as well….offers impressive syncing features…integrates with your calendar and location…”

Phraseology — iPad; $3

“…examines the words you use when you write and highlights various parts of your text…you can easily spot words and phrases you may have overused…” — Also — “…where you land on various readability scales…” — And — “…allows you to move paragraphs and sentences…”

WriteRight — iPad; $1

“…a plain text editor and offers support for Markdown…highlight words or phrases you might like to change, and WriteRight will suggest synonyms, antonyms, or phrases you can substitute.”

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