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Self-Publishing 101 ~ “What’s It All About?” & “Where’s The Money?”

I’ve written about 200 posts on my blog about Self vs Traditional Publishing over the last three years.

Self-Publishing 101

Image Courtesy of Rae Grimm ~

Even if you read all my posts and the many other articles I link to, you’d still need to read much more to fully understand what’s going on in the book world…

However, many writers, due to the relative ease of self-publishing, read a bit, prep their manuscript, and publish—usually learning by this method how not to do it.

But, they’ll take what they learned and do it again; with, perhaps, more success.

Yet, the reality of the book world shows that most writers (Self or Traditionally published) sell less than 500 copies of any given book…

I’m going to share two videos with you, one centered on “What’s It All About?” and one exploring “Where’s The Money?”.

However, these videos are nowhere near complete answers to those questions—though, they could get you started asking the right questions for further research.

Other resources for exploration are all the posts I’ve written about Self-Publishing—just scroll down the left side-bar and look for the Top Tags widget—since I’ll be tagging this post that way, it will be the first one you see when you click the Top Tag “Self-Publishing”—just scroll down again :-)

So, “What’s It All About?

Full Sail University had a panel discussion about Self-Publishing.

The panelists were:

Kim Craft
Course Director, Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution

Wes Locher
Creative Writing BFA student, Independent Comic Writer

Bill Thompson
Course Director, Mobile Marketing and Commerce

Matt Peters
Course Director, Publishing & Distribution


Now, “Where’s The Money?”

This video is a Google Hangout with best-selling author Hugh Howey, who created the site Author Earnings:

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