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Friday Fantasy ~ Number Thirty-Three

The Holy Man and The Evil One

~  It seemed he had been with them forever.

The Holy Man

Image Courtesy of Leroy Skalstad ~

The Holy Man was with the people of the forest but not of them.

He had arrived in the memory of the Elders but was much older.

He tended to their ills and, sometimes, gave wise advice; but, most imagined he had wider powers.


The people of the forest had, many times, tried to elevate the Holy Man to the station of Ruler but he had consistently refused.

They were guided and maintained their organized life through the decisions of an elected group of Elders.


Sometime after the ninth recorded sighting of the conjunction of Isfer with Aknam, one of the men began training a raptor.

He had discovered it lying wounded and nursed it to health.

He had received many wounds from the bird but had, eventually, dominated it to the point where it did his bidding—hunting for him and even threatening others for him…


The Elder’s Council had warned him that he was acting against Nature; and, when one of their meetings with him had been disrupted by the raptor’s repeated threatening swoops, they went to the Holy Man.


The Elders approached the hut while the raptor continued its diving threats.

The Holy Man came out of the hut and the bird flew off…

The most ancient Elder, Smerzan, addressed the more ancient Holy Man.

“Versuln, we came to you for your wise guidance yet your appearance has sent our problem away.”

The Holy Man chuckled and said: “Smerzan, the problem is not the bird. It is the Evil One who has dominated its Spirit.”

“Belrun is not evil, Versuln, he is just consumed with himself.”

“And, what has consumed him, Smerzan, if not the Evil One?”

“The Evil One is not part of one of the people.”

“Smerzan, you know I am much older than you and have traveled from remote lands.”

“I do…”

“I have watched many peoples, seen the ways they follow, noticed a new Phenomenon that permits what you call the Evil One to merge with the minds of certain kinds of people.”

“How can a Force like the Evil One merge with a person?”

“All Forces can merge with people but most people have never noticed…”


The Elders sat with the Holy Man for many hours.

They learned that he had much more knowledge than any had even imagined.

He educated the Elders in the complexities of the mind.

He made them aware of the Phenomenon he had observed—the new Power that was growing in peoples from many different lands—he called it Esteem of Self.

He instructed them in the progressive development of all Peoples—an Evolution of abilities that would bring great rewards as well as grievous tests.


As the moon rose, Versuln, concluded his session with the Elders:

“Belrun is a special person—you will notice more such people as your children grow.

“His specialness is the ability to think things that others have never imagined—he is a Creative and he needs your love to help him devote his singular abilities toward the improvement of the people, not centering them on his own desires.”


Versuln stayed with the people for many more years—helped them with the new Creatives.

Then, one day, when Isfer and Aknam had once again reached conjunction, he called the Elders to him.

“I must go from you now.

“You will develop as a people—achieve success and failure—attain new heights as well as discover dangerous depths.

“Be patient with those who abuse the Forces they discover—love them with a mighty love.

“Others like me will come to your people when your failures have overbalanced your successes.”

Then, the Holy Man vanished…

Copyright, 2014, Alexander M Zoltai
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2 responses to “Friday Fantasy ~ Number Thirty-Three

  1. Jane Watson July 25, 2014 at 9:43 am

    I love your picture here and I love the concept of the development of “Creatives”. Belrun is a wonderful character whose real value only became apparent to me when I read the story for the second time : “…he is a Creative and he needs your love to help him devote his singular abilities toward the improvement of the people, not centering them on his own desires…” Perhaps that is a description of many sensitive childen and people whom our society should nurture, so that they can become the best they can possibly be and lead this troubled modern world into a new age of love and acceptance for all peoples.

    Liked by 1 person

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