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Blogging Authors

Words are used in so many weird ways.

Blogging Authors

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Like the title of my post today—Blogging Authors.

As if writing a blog and being an author are inherently two different things.

Sure, I understand that blogging and fiction writing are usually very different activities but an author who blogs is still a person who uses words to convey thoughts and feelings, right?

I write this blog, so I’m the author of this blog.

I also am an author of fiction.

So, a blogger is a writer and, as I explained in a previous post, a writer is an author—so…

Is the term “blogging author” “Correct”?

Sure, if you want the general public to know that you’re going to talk about people they consider as authors who are also people who blog.

I don’t know about you but my use of words so far has been pretty weird :-)

I’m going to introduce you (and, me) to six authors who also blog—I’m not familiar with their work but they’re what could be called “Influencers” in the blogosphere.

My usual method for deciding what to blog about involves scanning lots of news and finding bloggable articles; but, I’ve found a new way to generate material for this blog of mine—Buzzsumo—plug in some keywords, select some filters, and see some cool stuff.

And, since I’m a fiction author who also blogs, I entered the words “fiction author” into Buzzsumo and found the following Blogging Authors (Caveat—Due to the vagaries of the algorithmic way Buzzsumo selects people, I had to ignore a few folks who didn’t actually fit the category “fiction author”—I also skipped a few people so I could get an equal number of men and women…):

~~~ Ben Collins-Sussman writes Interactive Fiction and blogs at IBanjo—here’s what he has to say about himself:

I’m a programmer and musician; I live in Chicago with my wife, kids, and cats.

“My friends tease me that I ‘collect hobbies’, but everything I do seems to have three common themes:

  • Art vs. Science: I like activities that require combining both technical problem-solving and artfulness.
  • Collaboration: If the activity isn’t social, I’m not very interested.
  • World-building: I like creating and exploring pocket universes.”

~~~ Tobias Buckell is a Science Fiction Author & Futurist:

“Born in the Caribbean, Tobias S. Buckell is a New York Times Bestselling author. His novels and over 50 stories have been translated into 17 languages. He has been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Science Fiction Author. He currently lives in Ohio.”

~~~ Here’s Ed Gorman’s Blog and here’s a bit of bio for him:

“Crime Fiction author of 30 novels & 7 story collections. Often mistaken for Batman at a distance.”

~~~ Jackie Kessler is a Dark Fantasy and Paranormal author and says:

“Some kids want to grow up to be doctors, or movie stars, or political assassins. Me, I wanted to draw comic books….So maybe it’s ironic that the book I wound up writing had nothing to do with overly muscled men and everything to do with scantily clad women….Previously, I was the fantasy editor for Wild Child Publishing.”

~~~ Anita Davison writes Historical Fiction and blogs at The Disorganised Author:

“Most likely to be found working on my next novel fuelled by lots of coffee. Welcome to my window into the chaotic and frustrating world of a struggling author with a mention of some of the lovely people I’ve met along the way.”

~~~ Marie D. Jones writes fiction and non-fiction:

“Marie is venturing into fiction in 2014 with the release in Feb. of a middle grade ‘spy sci fi’ series called EKHO: EVIL KID HUNTING ORGANIZATION, written with her son, Max and based on his real-life spy group that he formed when he was bullied in grade school. The series focuses on the effects of bullying, one kid’s clever way of fighting back, and how we all just want to find our tribe in life and bloom where we are planted…with an extra added sci fi touch! Marie’s YA paranormal series, FREAK will be released in June 2014 and is already being looked at by motion picture companies. She also has other novel series in development and is repped by Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo-Helin Literary Management.”

O.K., that’s the result of using a new tool to come up with blog posts…

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