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Something Any Aspiring (or, other kind of) Writer Should Consider . . .

Writers have more ways to publish then ever before.

FastPencil Publishing

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Not that long ago, I wrote a post called, Are There Too Many Ways To Self-Publish?

It can get complicated, quickly, when a writer begins considering how they want to publish.

If you’re a writer who wants to stay away from the traditional route, I recommend checking out the company I use—FastPencil.

In just a bit, I’ll give you all the basics about what this Publishing-Aid company can do for writers; but, I first have to add two factors that my past posts about them didn’t cover, because they hadn’t yet happened.

FastPencil Receives 2014 Innovation Award from the International Digital Publishing Forum at BookExpo America


On Demand Books Launches SelfEspress

That last link is about FastPencil teaming-up with the folks that make the Espresso Book Machine technology, which is well-explored in my past post—Self-Publishing from A Drug Store?

Now, in order to give you all the important facts about why I think all writers should consider working with FastPencil, I’m going to reproduce the post I did May 6, 2013:


Check out all my posts about FastPencil

FastPencil is Software in the Cloud – so you don’t have to download anything to your computer. It’s the fastest and easiest way to write, publish and sell books and ebooks—anywhere!

In one past post, I summarized the FastPencil experience this way:

*Write a book on their site,
while inviting BetaReaders or editors to work with you
—> Free

*Revise, edit, check multiple proofs,
upload a cover, work-out front and back matter, etc.
—> Free

*Publish and have the book distributed to
Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Ingram

(Print & E-book editions)
—> $300

As a matter of fact, if you want to sell your book only on the FastPencil Site (with a very cool sales widget you can use on your own WebSite or Blog) it costs just the printing price of one book, before you add your own royalty—In my case that would have been around $5

But, I went for the $300 package :-)

If you’ve decided to go the Indie route but want a company behind you that can help you distribute your book, FastPencil is, imho, the BEST!

Watch these videos for a complete introduction to their services:

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