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Authors Answering Questions

I’m sure most readers have all kinds of questions for authors, mostly because I’m a reader, too (and, though I’m certainly different from most folks, it’s said we’re All more alike than we’re different…).

I’m also an author and I have questions I ask myself, from my “reader’s perspective”.

Here are a few about my last book:

“Why did I write that book?”

“Why did I decide to spend so little time on so many characters in so few pages?”

“Why did I choose to put the action on a planet 12 light-years from earth?”

“Why were there so many different kinds of religion?”

“Why did I use plasma as a means for communication?”

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And, it appears that, one day, you could head over to GoodReads and ask me there, too.

Right now, there are 54 authors in the Ask The Author program but, eventually, it will be open to the roughly 100,000 other authors on GoodReads.

Here are some author responses to the program, from an article on The Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, which owns Goodreads):

Ayelet Waldman — “In-person events are wonderful fun, but it’s been clear to me for a while that it makes no financial sense to send a writer halfway across the country to read at a bookstore. I love doing it, but publishers are (rightly) becoming resistant.”

Joe Finder — “The Internet has made writers incredibly accessible to readers directly, and Goodreads members are a particularly passionate and engaged group of readers — and book buyers. ‘Ask the Author’ seems to be a good way to bring authors in contact with readers. I particularly like the way authors can ‘cross-post’ — ask each other questions, engage with each other. So far it seems not particularly time-intensive.”

Lev Grossman — “I can’t see this ever replacing readings. Words are all well and good, but at a reading, readers want flesh.”

Do you ask authors questions?

If it were easy to do it, would you ask lots of questions?

Do you think authors always answer questions straightforwardly?
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