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Guild vs Alliance ~ Are Authors Being Helped?

Everything I write is my opinion.

Authors Guild vs Authors Alliance

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Sure, I quote others—often—but even what I choose to quote is decided by my opinion.

Of course, these days, many feel that their opinion is Truth

However, if you’re a writer who’d like to offer your work to readers, knowing the relative truth of various standpoints is probably of interest to you.

For instance, should writers still follow the traditional model—agent, editor, legacy publisher—or, strike out on their own—self-publish?

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Also, should an aspiring author join an organization that purports to serve their interests?

If someone asked me my opinion about joining organizations, I’d have to warn them that I’m a maverick and really don’t like most organizations.

So, I can’t give solid evidence about the Authors Guild or the newer group, the Authors Alliance.

Both organizations are for, primarily, U.S. authors but the issues raised may well echo in other countries’ author communities

I did do a post last year that reported on two well-know authors’ opinions about the Guild’s leadership—The U. S. Authors Guild President vs Reality.

And, I will share a few excerpts from an article that begins with mention of the brewing battle between the Guild and the Alliance—On Why The Authors Guild is Wrong about the Future:

“…the fight between the two organizations illustrates the very question everyone is asking these days: What is my place in the new, digital world?

“Established writers already entrenched and successful in the traditional publishing system are telling these aspiring writers that while they must develop their early-stage careers on their own and they must build a loyal following to a publisher, they shouldn’t embrace the digital publishing tools available to them as it might undermine the traditional business.”

the problem is how to formulate a solution that enables early- and mid-stage career building that no longer exists within [the] publishing industry.

“For that, the Authors Alliance seems more inline with what those writers need.”

I have no idea if that writer is right.

I’m merely reporting to my readers on a turn of events that they may find important to track

Do you feel traditional publishing is still the best option?

Are you more likely to self-publish?

Would you consider joining a Guild or Alliance to help you in your career?

Care to share your opinions in the Comments?
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