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E-Books & Libraries ~ Being Fair . . .

I’ve written quite a bit about libraries but need to draw your attention to the question “Do Publishers Hate Libraries?” and to the ideas in the article “Myth-busting: Libraries and E-books“.

Ebooks and Libraries

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You see, the “big” publishers are having problems with their bottom-lines and they’ve been trying to undermine the social purpose of libraries.

Mark Coker, CEO at Smashwords, says: “…front list ebooks from Big 5 publishers can cost libraries $80, and even backlist ebooks can cost libraries $20-40…”.

So, when I saw the article, Smashwords and OverDrive to Bring 200,000+ Indie Ebooks to 20,000+ Public Libraries, I knew something good was happening.

Here’s are just a few excerpts from Mark’s article:

“OverDrive powers the ebook procurement and checkout systems for 20,000 public libraries around the world, including 90% of US public libraries.”

“OverDrive has already completed ingestion of the first 100,000 Smashwords ebooks.”

By the way, these books will cost libraries an average of $4.oo each.

And, from the section about what authors can do to support libraries:

“Distribute your full list of titles to OverDrive.” (authors receive 45% royalty)

“Let your fans know that your books will soon be purchasable by 20,000 libraries around the world…”

And, from the section on how libraries can support the Indie author community:

“Libraries have always done a fantastic job promoting literacy and a culture of books.  Now’s your chance to promote a culture of authorship.”

“Partner with Smashwords to launch your very own co-branded publishing portal.  It’s free.”

And, Mark finishes the article with a list of links representative of the massive coverage this partnership is generating.

If you’re an Indie author or you work at a library, this is a must read article

It should also be something that readers share with other readers :-)
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