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Who’s Reading Books On All Those Mobile Devices?

Far from what most of us call civilization, a young girl is standing in the forest near her village. Reading In The Mobile Era

In her hand is a mobile phone.

She’s reading a book

This is happening in our world and there’s an organization working very hard to make it happen more often.

Worldreader is that organization and I’ve blogged here before about them

Recently, they teamed up with Nokia and UNESCO to produce a REPORT about the question, Can mobile phones reduce illiteracy rates?”.

Here are a few facts from that report:

  1. It’s enjoyable: Over 60% of people said they enjoy reading on their cell phones and want to read more.
  2. It’s a great tool for gender equality: Among the estimated 750 million illiterate adults in the world today, nearly two-thirds are women. On our app, more men are reading than women, but women, once they get their hands on a mobile phone, read 6 times more than men.
  3. It’s helping create a culture of reading to be passed along to future generations: One out of every three people surveyed are actively reading to children on their cell phones.

Find out more about how Worldreader uses mobile tech to address illiteracy.

Read what Forbes has to say about it.

Check out the phenomenon of turning dumbphones into smartphones.

And, here’s a link to DONATE to Worldreader

Now, sit back and relax and watch a video about it all :-)

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