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So You Like To Write; But, Will You Ever Be An Author?

So many words in our language seem to have lost their real meanings… 

Writer and Author

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“Writer” and “Author” have been forced apart by the publishing industry.

You can be the “Author” of many things—books, ideas, kind deeds, or social movements, to name a few.

But, our use of language has made a “Writer” become someone who hasn’t yet published.

If you “Write” things then you’re the “Author” of them, whether you “Publish” them or not.

So, you like to write—you’re the author of words, ideas, and stories

Do you want to have your writing published?

I’ve done a lot of writing here about Traditional Publishing as well as Self-Publishing.

And, if you haven’t really thought much about the differences and similarities, I urge you to click those two links and begin exploring

Today, I want to give you a number of resources related to issues every writer/author, if they stick with their calling, will have to deal with directly or, at least, contemplate.

First is Editing—a critical stage in preparing for publishing, whether traditional or otherwise.

I recommend (unless you’re already well-versed in the subject) that you read the article, 4 Levels of Editing Explained: Which Service Does Your Book Need?

Next is an Agent—someone you may or may not need —> little known fact: there are self-published authors who have agents

Check out this interview with the agent who discovered Jonathan Franzen’s first novel in her slush pile.

Now, let’s look closer at the Slush Pile with the article, Why Most Manuscripts Don’t Click with Literary Agents.

By the way, I feel the traditional slush piles are being replaced by the glutted digital book shelves

I should also mention here, the articles I’m linking to today are only meant as “representational” views.

If you’re deadly serious about learning more about any of the topics in this post, do spend some Prime Googling-Time

The next issue for the writer/author, whether they deal with the legacy publishers or do it themselves, is what’s variously referred to as Book Marketing, Author Promotion, or Platform Building.

However, it’s given a fresh twist in the article, Are There Limits to Literary Citizenship?

And, if you want to really stretch your mind and go where few writer/authors have gone before, check out Seventy-Two Hours on the Future of Publishing

One last note, for my readers who are still at the stage of wondering whether they’ll ever learn how to write well:

I’m hosting a game that could help you learn more about writing.

Go read my post, Let The Game Begin! :-)
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