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A Present for *You* on My Birthday :-)

Turning 68 isn’t quite the same as turning 5, or 27, or 46, or 53… 

Reading Writing and Publishing

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While remaining Young At Heart is Highly Recommended, age has its advantages—making lots of mistakes adds up to a few successes :-)

Being an author who blogs about Reading, Writing, and Publishing means I will work on my birthday; but, also means I certainly won’t feel at all bad about it.

So, before I get back to work, I wanted to pass out a few presents to my readers—6 links to articles that might have something valuable you can use:

* Here’s one from BiblioCrunchBasics of Online Ebook Retailers

Thinking about self-publishing and wanted to know about the biggest retailers for your digital and print books? We break it down for you in our easy to navigate guide…”

* And, one from ForbesHow Public Libraries Are Solving America’s Reading Problem

“According to the Pew Research Center, libraries remain the most trusted institution in the United States, ahead of the military, small businesses, the police or religious institutions.  A staggering 91% of Americans say that libraries are important to their community.”

* From author Mary Robinette Kowal—Exercising your story telling techniques

A unique, two-part set of exercises that Mary comments on with, “People sit down to write a Story, and don’t think about the fact that dialogue, point-of-view, description, voice, and plot are all techniques that can be practiced individually.”

* One from The GuardianSo you want to be a writer…

Last week Hanif Kureishi dismissed creative writing courses as ‘a waste of time’, yet they have never been more popular. [10] leading author-teachers reveal their advice to students.”

* Another from The GuardianTen rules for writing fiction—from 27 different authors

* Finally, one from The ConversationChildren’s fantasy literature: why escaping reality is good for kids

“Fantasy is a genre of literature that tends to polarise people. The oft-repeated logic is that ‘serious’ readers prefer realism while fantasy caters primarily to children or those who view reading as a form of escapism. The assumption is that fantasy is of lesser value than realist writing…”

I hope you found something valuable in a few of those articles; and, I hope you’ll share your thoughts and feelings in the Comments :-)

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