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Are Your Ideas Getting Enough Attention?

I feel Everyone has at least one idea that would help others if it could be shared and get the attention it deserves… 

Getting Noticed

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But, there’s too much “content” flooding the ‘Net now about how to get attention.

Most of it is wrong

And, that’s not just my opinion.

It’s backed-up by a noted researcher at the Wharton School.

His name is Jonah Berger and he’s an expert in the Science of Social Transmission.

Also, even though this blog is mostly for Readers, Writers, and Publishers, the information Jonah has discovered is something Anyone could use to generate more traction for their ideas (and, for the writers reading this, a book could be defined as a creatively designed sequence of ideas, even if you’re showing and not telling the ideas, eh?).

In fact, I have two past posts that feature Jonah’s ideas, with videos of him that are well worth watching (even if you don’t write or publish books):

How Can An Author Make Their Book Go Viral?

Need Some ENERGY To Get Busy On Book Promotion? ~ Meet Jonah Berger :-)

And, for those who don’t do much reading, writing, or publishing, I’m sure you have some ideas that others would love to know about; but, you just haven’t yet discovered how to get them the attention they deserve

Let me list Jonah’s Six Principles of Social Transmission:

SOCIAL CURRENCY – “The more something makes you look cool, smart, or in-the know, the more likely you are to share it.”

TRIGGERS – “Triggers are stimuli that pop up in the environment, reminding you of a product or idea—and making you more likely to talk about it.”

EMOTION – “The more emotional connection we feel toward a message, the more likely we are to pass it on, especially if it makes us laugh, or feel angry, excited, or inspired.”

PUBLIC – “We look for ‘social proof’ when making decisions about what ideas to follow; we imitate things when we can publicly see other people doing them.”

PRACTICAL VALUE – “We share information when we believe it’s useful and will benefit our friends and family.”

STORIES – Stories are the currency of conversation, so get people to pass along your message in a great narrative.”

Jonah has a cool book, called Contagious: Why things Catch On, that digs deep into these principles; and, he now has a full-blown study course.

The course is 18 video presentations totaling about an hour and a half and the site does make you pay for the course; however, if you think you could absorb the 1.5 hours within a month, you could pay their one month fee of $25—though the site has lots more than Jonah’s material

But, there are three videos you can watch for free:

Jonah’s Introduction

Reminding people with triggers

Telling stories that carry your message

I just watched those videos and, even though I’ve heard Jonah talk about his ideas before and read his book, I still picked up some valuable information

And, for you writers, here’s a link to one of my past posts about getting folks to notice your work:

Breaking The “Rules” of Book Promotion ~ 6 Different Views

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