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Having Fun While You Write

I always have fun while I’m writing.

Writing with Friends

Image courtesy of Marcos Santos ~

Even though I do it alone in my little cave-apartment

I know there are plenty of people who are not like me.

They need and want folks to be with them when they do something they love.

I admit that I’ve given up on social media as a place to relate to others—I only post links to what I write on the major social platforms.

I know there’s at least one official Heap of writers like me

And, even though I love being alone, though rarely lonely, when I create, my job on this blog is to give all kinds of people information they can use.

For writers who shy away from social media but still need others to complete their creations, these two posts may offer valuable ideas:

Does Writing Have To Be A Lonely Profession?

Is Self-Publishing Really A Do It Yourself Proposition?

And, for those who want quite a bit of camaraderie while they create (and as a segue to my main topic today) you may find this past post intriguing:

Do You Have To Give Something Up To Collaborate?

Now, let’s look at two ways to combine the ambience of social media sites with a strong component of writing more than quick blasts of feeling

First is Movellas—A Story Sharing Community.

From their site:

“ is a community site where everyone can share their passion for great stories. You can publish your own stories – or movellas as we like to call them – so that everyone can read them and give you feedback, you can find lots of fantastic stories to read in every genre and on every topic, and you can talk directly to the authors and the rest of the community about writing and stories.

“With Movellas it is possible to read anywhere, anytime. You can download movellas as ebooks to your computer, tablet, iPad, iPod Touch, e-book reader or smart phone. Quick, easy and totally free!

“At Movellas everyone can be a writer and publish their stories. Neither age nor experience are essential. All that we require is that you love to write and share your stories.”

Next is Medium:

“It’s clear we’ve only scratched the surface of how we can use the tools available to us to connect hearts and minds. It’s also clear that the way media is changing isn’t entirely positive when it comes to creating a more informed citizenry. Now that we’ve made sharing information virtually effortless, how do we increase depth of understanding, while also creating a level playing field that encourages ideas that come from anywhere?

“We don’t know all the answers. But we know that words matter (still), so we built a better system for sharing them.”

Did either of those spaces sound more exciting than sitting in a small apartment and writing four informative blog posts a week, while also creating an original short fantasy story every Friday for that same blog?

Did they sound more fulfilling than closing yourself off in a room and working on a novel?

Do you have the urge to write but need other folks “right there”?

Do you think “social writing” that’s more than “social media” might help you tune-up your authorial-self?

If you answered any of those questions in the affirmative, one or both of those sites may be your writing Heaven :-)
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3 responses to “Having Fun While You Write

  1. penpusherpen March 19, 2014 at 8:12 am

    I mistakenly thought I’d commented Alexander, I remember yesterday, (at least I hope I do) reading and then taking the link to Movellas, (On my Tablet at the time) and trying my darndest to fill in the form just to see what was on offer. but sometimes with the touch screen all sorts of things happen before I want ’em to, and my form filling wasn’t acceptable, I think I left a gap in my email addy, or something, but Norbert (my tablet) wasn’t playing, kept stalling, so I took it as sign form (from) above and gave up.. Sigh , I think my pen-chant is for sitting singularily , and for my own amusement, (to share with others of course, through WordPress and it’s ilk) so, having fun is top priority methinks, and if you’re of the social bent, well more power to your elbow says I . xx


  2. Alexander M Zoltai March 19, 2014 at 11:36 am

    I have a new tablet—haven’t named it yet—and I had to buy a Bluetooth keyboard for it so my fingers wouldn’t make mistakes :-)


  3. penpusherpen March 19, 2014 at 1:16 pm



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