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Oh, No! Not More Advice About How To Write!!

I’ve read very few books about how to write.


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But, I have read tons of books that were well-written—they taught me how to write.

Plus, writing stuff till it “sounded right” helped.

Then, there was that find you own writing voice period

And, I’ve blogged about writing advice and the dangers of accepting most of it.

Perhaps, my most useful post, so far, is Bad Advice for Writers = Most Advice for Writers.

Then there are the other 42 posts I’ve done about writing advice >>> this post will show up at the top of that list since I tagged it with “writing advice”—just scroll down for more :-)

So, there’s this guy called Leo Babauta—“blogger, journalist, and published author”—used to write about productivity then switched to writing about minimalism

He has a blog called ZenHabits and wrote an article called, What I’ve Learned as a Writer.

Do go to that link and read what he wrote—I’ll list his main points here and give my opinions:

“Write every damn day.”

O.K., not bad advice; but, please don’t feel bad if you skip one or four or seven.

“Create a blog if you don’t have one.”

Leo mentions something I also think about blogs—they might help you write every day; but, if you get a readership and don’t stick to some schedule, you may lose those readers…

“Write plainly.

Well Let’s say write as plainly as the topic demands. Some themes and plots demand something a bit above “plain”.

“Don’t write just to hear yourself talk.

Perhaps Unless hearing yourself talk is important for knowing what you need to write about.

“Nearly everything can be shortened.


“Fear stops most potential writers.

Again, yep.

“Read regularly for inspiration.

Three yeps in a row.

“Procrastination is your friend.

Considering that the etymology of procrastination has a root that means “belonging to tomorrow—forward”, it sure seems that some of my writing did belong to my mind and heart after they lived through a day or so more

“Have people expect your writing.

This might give you the motivation to keep writing; or, it may scare your wits to a frazzle.

“Email is an excuse.


“Writing tools don’t matter.

Well, most of them don’t matter; except, perhaps:

A good text editor like Jarte (free).

A decent word processor like LibreOffice (which is also free).

And, the Writing Tool of all writing tools, Scrivener (free trial and cheap at any price).

“Jealousy is idiotic.

Yeah, a writer should be creating their own gig, not worrying that they can’t write like someone else.

“Writing can change lives.

I agree and end the post with Leo’s comment on that last topic:

one thing I’ve learned, above all, is this: the life that my writing has changed more than any other is my own.”
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2 responses to “Oh, No! Not More Advice About How To Write!!

  1. penpusherpen March 14, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    I agree, Alexander :-) (now, it’s up to you to decide what I agree with eh? ) xx


  2. Alexander M Zoltai March 14, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    Working on it, Pen……… :-)


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