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Why Do People Comment On Blogs?

Ever thought of blogs as social media platforms?


Image courtesy of Rene Cerney ~

If you can see them that way, then comments are the main driver of the “social” part.

The “media” is what the blogger presents.

Although, bloggers can write in ways that create a social atmosphere in their posts and commenters can add to the media content.

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t care about comments on their blog, or doesn’t even allow comments

In an article that seems to reduce blogging to just one part of a “branding machine”, I did find one interesting bit:

“There are some famed bloggers (like Seth Godin) who don’t even allow comments on their blog posts, there are people like yours truly who allow people to comment freely but rarely add to the discourse, and then there are those (like Gini DietrichChris Brogan and Mark W. Schaefer) who spend a lot of time playing in the comments.”

I “play in the comments” on this blog and I consider them the most important part of what I’m trying to do here—though, many folks have never considered how a comment from them adds Value to a blog post

Some of the “professional” reasons for taking the time to comment on others’ blogs (though anyone can co-opt these for their own “non-professional” use) are nicely summed up in a post on Darren Rowse’s blog—The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Comments On Blogs:

“1. Building your own profile….

2. Showcasing your expertise….

3. Getting to know other bloggers….

4. Driving traffic to your blog….

5. Idea generation….

6. Staying sharp….

7. Opportunities May Follow”

My main reason for commenting on blog posts, which may seem prosaic or passé, is to join in on the conversation the blogger began

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8 responses to “Why Do People Comment On Blogs?

  1. Alexander M Zoltai February 24, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    O.K., I’m starting the conversation by saying:

    Even one comment on any of my posts has Value far beyond what anyone may suspect


  2. penpusherpen February 24, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    I agree Alexander, most people when asked to answer truthfully , hand on heart, would say they desire comments, as a response, a guideline you could say, to the blog, this is a sharing media, be it poems, current affairs or a daily journal, we’re reaching out. Pressing ‘like’ if you enjoyed someones ideas/thoughts is all well and good, but when a person is always doing so without ever actually commenting is no help at all. If I follow a blog, I do so, follow and comment (and press like, I have no idea what’s the correct etiquette at all?) … I know some may feel pressurised if they come across a blog with many commenters and leave it at ‘like’, but we’re here for the information of what’s going on in peoples brains, re-action wise not the process of how someone can use a finger and cllick ‘like’ I may sound pushy, but I have strong feelings about this, even completed a poem, Tongue In Cheek, where I carefully ask why? Why do you like me? …. :-) The ones who press like, did so gain… for I fear some never read the blog, just sat and clicked a button. So, like me or loathe me , your comments are always appreciated. xPenx


    • Alexander M Zoltai February 24, 2014 at 1:38 pm

      I must admit, Pen, I don’t comment on your blog as often as I should
      Here’s Pen’s blog, folks :-)

      Thing is, writing five blog posts a week (one of which is an original short story) along with all the scanning and reading I do to come up with material for the blog, as well as all the reading I’m doing to prepare for my next book, along with the time I spend in a virtual world with my Best Friend (and is the sum total of my social life) all leave me with little “free time”

      Part of the supreme Value I attribute to any comments I receive is the fact that they humble me by their presence—someone else took time to do something I don’t seem to find time to do enough


      • penpusherpen February 24, 2014 at 1:44 pm

        flippin’ ‘eck,, ’twasn’t a swipe at you Alexander, ’twas a comment on those who never ever erm… COMMENT, for surely ’tis the life blood of blogging, wouldn’t you agree? :-) (Pen walks off, muttering to ‘erself !! ) xx


        • Alexander M Zoltai February 24, 2014 at 1:50 pm

          Very sorry I didn’t seem to say what I did effectively enough—I had no feeling of any swipe, Pen

          I do agree comments are the veins to the artery of the post :-)

          ( Alex creeps away, praying for insight :-)


          • penpusherpen February 24, 2014 at 1:55 pm

            (and back she comes… still muttering) many thanks for the link kind sir, mucho appreciated. :-) just shows to go ya, that typing words just doesn’t get across the feeling behind ’em I’m always praying by the way, for a better typing ability, takes me flipping ages to type and check!! :-0 … I shall go away now and repent at leasure ( and leave thee in peace) . xxx


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