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How Do Readers Discover Books?

#Discoverability is a trending term in the BookWorld.

Finding Books

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Self-publishing has transformed the traditional way readers find their books.

Even those who prefer buying from a bookstore will check online to build a list.

Same thing for devoted library patrons.

Yet, even buying online presents a challenge of discoverability.

Let me quote David Gaughran, Irish writer blogging at Let’s Get Visible, from a Google Plus chat we had:

“Amazon’s recommendation engine is the best in the e-commerce world, but it’s far from perfect and can even make some elementary errors.

“The other retailers are light years behind, and many of them…are like walking into a bookstore where the genre shelves are totally hidden, and the entire store consists of front tables (and Big 5 books).

“I think (device owning) readers get recommendations these days from a broader range of sources. It’s not just friends, the bookstore, and the newspaper, but Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and thousands and thousands of book blogs and review sites…”

And, he summed-up with:

“The tools we have for discovering books can and will get better, but I think they are pretty good as is.”


Readers have many more ways to find books and Authors have more decisions about placing their books where readers can find them.

Last September, I wrote a post called, Readers Discovering Books ~ The “Best” Way?

It featured a unique platform forDiscover Books

Readers Discovering Authors

Authors Promoting Their Work

Book-Service Provider Advertising

Since that post was published, the platform I featured, iAuthor, has been making lots of improvements.

From the site:

Are you an author?

iAuthor connects authors to readers with unparalleled ease, speed and flair. Showcase all your books and literary apps ‒ for FREE! Reach readers in minutes. Build your fanbase. Go global.

Offer a specialist service to the book trade?

iAuthor connects book service-providers to a discerning global clientele: authors, bloggers, publishers, retailers, reviewers, librarians, speakers, teachers, and more. Whether you’re a freelance editor, run a book design studio or produce book trailers, iAuthor has you covered. Reach clients in minutes. Deepen brand engagement. Go global.

Are you a reader?

iAuthor is transforming book discovery. Through smart use of category filters and content-curation tools, iAuthor puts serendipity back into virtual book browsing. Discover eBooks and cutting-edge book apps. Buy in a format of your choice. Best of all, iAuthor lets you create your own book Themes ‒ crowdsourcing at its most potent.

Those Themes are one of the best features at iAuthor.

Here are just a few of the most popular Themes:

 Novels with a deeply flawed protagonist

◊ Books with unusual but effective covers

◊ Books straddling multiple genres

◊ Books with a vivid sense of place

◊ Children’s books that will also engage adults

◊ Epic fantasy books with magical worlds

◊ Books about book-writing

◊ Timeless bookish quotes

 Books to tie your brain in knots

And, you can sort the Themes—Latest, Most Liked, Most Followers, etc.

The two Themes I created, for my book Notes from An Alien, are:

Books that Champion Global PeaceAliens Helping Earth :-)

From the site:

Do you feel constrained by genre? Want to go wider and deeper?

Meet Themes.

Whether you’re a reader, author, blogger or freelancer, Themes let you curate compelling content from iAuthor and beyond.

Themes transcend genre.

Themes unlock the imagination.

Themes start with you…

One last thing:

iAuthor is in Partnership with the literary charity, Book Aid International :-)

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