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Just A Bit of Sane Writing Advice . . .

Some folks have absolutely no problem writing down their thoughts and feelings.

Some never have to struggle to organize their writing into flowing prose.

Most people, though, need a strong-minded Muse to unlock their creativity and encourage them as they perfect their expressiveness.

This post is the 42nd I’ve written about Writing Advice.

And, the post, The Very Best Way To Learn To Be A Writer?, helps you tap into all the writing advice on this blog.

Many of my posts have cautioned folks about the flood of data streaming on the ‘Net that’s actually poisonous and will absolutely block their efforts

But the specific challenge for this post is how to stick with one’s writing—staying fluent—resisting the urge to quit.

Andrew DeYoung, writer, editor, and multimedia project manager, author of The Detective’s Apprentice, has written a post on his blog called, 8 Steps to Start a Writing Habit That Sticks, that’s quite sane

He begins by saying:

“‘I wish I could find the time to write more.’

“I hear this all the time. Everyone I meet wishes they could write more, it seems: some would like to write a novel, while others just want to blog more consistently or keep a personal journal. But between jobs, friends, family, kids, and the constant distractions of everyday life, they just can’t find the time.”

He then goes on to reveal the steps he discovered that help him stick with it (I’ll only list the bare steps and encourage you to take the link to the post and read his sane approach):

1. Make writing a priority.

2. Really make writing a priority!

3. Figure out what motivates you to write.

4. Forget everything you’ve heard about what it really takes to be a writer.

5. Set a goal—but start small.

6. Think about writing throughout the day.

7. Build in feedback loops.

8. Take a break.

There are at least three steps there that the “Writing Advice Experts” would cringe at; yet, I’m a writer and find everything he says is practical and true
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3 responses to “Just A Bit of Sane Writing Advice . . .

  1. Jane Watson February 5, 2014 at 6:11 pm

    Thanks for this post. I enjoyed and appreciated Andrew DeYoung’s advice. I particularly liked no. 6 and I loved no. 8. I think taking breaks is important for the material in your mind to percolate and mature. I once read that if you can’t remember a potential title for your book 3 days later then it was destined not to survive- i.e. its demise was a kind of mercy killing, executed by your brain. Taking a break lets your muse, splendid secretary that she/he is, sort through your brain and work out what is worth saving. And I agree with Andrew that beating yourself up about having the break is the problem, not the actual getting up from your desk to take a walk, or even a longer holiday, to think:-)


  2. Alexander M Zoltai February 5, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    Yes, Jane, DeYoung is sane :-)

    And, creative breaks are Sources of Creativity.

    And, thinking about writing all day long is good for your internal organs :-)


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