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Friday Fantasy ~~~ Number Nine

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The Minotaur’s Maze

~ People called me a Minotaur, but that is only because I had the head and tail of a bull… Minotaur

I was really nothing like the Myth—well, not really

I will share what Lie Swallower has written of it


There was a family in the Gagieo Valley with many children—twenty at last count.

Most folk called the family Kin.

Then, there was Kith—all of Kin’s so-called acquaintances and friends.

Kith became jealous of Kin—jealous of all the children, some say

My name is Cleudiona but people call me Lie Swallower, ever since my friend Xiethan had the God of Throble give him the head and tail of a bull—

Well, let me start more toward the beginning by sharing some of the reports of our local Scribe


~ 5th of Selvan

Kith has claimed there is a monster roaming in the woods of Sarjei.

Kith has also claimed this monster has the head and tail of a bull.

I will be attempting to look into the matter.

~ 10th of Selvan

I have not been harmed.

It is true that a creature with the head and tail of a bull is in the Sarjei woods.

I saw it but did not stay long.

It seemed to be crying

~ 21st of Selvan

It is true.

Kin has sent their eldest child into the woods—into the deepest part—the Maze of Threl.

Kith has claimed the child has been eaten by the creature.

I did enter the woods again but nearly lost my way at the entrance to Threl.

I am not sure how to validate the claim of Kith.


This is Lie Swallower again.

Right after that last report by our Scribe, people began to call my friend, Xiethan, the Minotaur.

Naturally, this made the fear of folks climb to a peak.

Kith tried to call on the King of distant Buisonmai to send troops to kill the Minotaur.

The King refused.

Kin would not talk to anyone and they sent another child into the Maze


I must go even further back in time

My friend, Xiethan, was a first cousin of the father of Kin.

They both had a high degree of what I can only call Spirit.

Not the spirits of the idols that Kith sell—some real power that can not be seen but will be felt by folk who are sincere of heart

About a year ago, Kin’s father sent Xiethan on a mission to the Throble mountains.

This was when Kith were still accounted as friends and acquaintances of Kin.

Yes, it is true that Kin’s father scared Kith—they could not understand why but I think it was because of his Spirit

Yet, they acted like all was well—until Xiethan went to the mountains.

It was all so confusing

Kith began to put some of their larger idols around the home of Kin.

People began to avoid dealing with Kin.

Kin’s father announced that the departure of Xiethan was a solution for the problem.

Now, two of the Kin children are in the Maze and a third has just left to join them


I had to interrupt my tale to make a venture into the Maze

Some of Kith had surrounded the Maze and it took me nearly a full day to slip in unnoticed—they clearly wanted to harm me

I am now back and must admit I still can’t understand what is happening

I visited with Xiethan and the children of Kin.

All were well, though Xiethan is not what he used to be—not only because of the bull’s head and tail

The children are just fine—happier than I have ever seen them.


Sorry, another interruption—I had to rally a few of our stronger men to protect Kin—Kith is becoming completely unmanageable!

Oh, twelve more of Kin’s children are in the Maze

I will return as soon as possible………


This is Xiethan.

My dear friend, Cleudiona, called Lie Swallower, is dead

My normal body has returned but I am a very confused man

The children are all safe

The children are full of Spirit

I was merely a Pathway for the Spirit of the God of Throble

Almost all of Kith is dead

Some from insanity, some from attempting to kill others, some from becoming lost in the Maze

Cleudiona died while protecting me and the children from Kith

My cousin, Kin’s father, has been trying to explain what has happened

Some of it makes sense, most of it seems extremely unreal

I trusted him when he sent me to the mountains

I still trust him

He says it is the working of Spirit

He says the God of Throble had decided there needed to be more people with Spirit and Kin’s children were the ones best able to handle it

All I did was sit there, mostly crying

The children would come to me, touch my head, and declare they were of a new Mind

I don’t know

I feel it all may be just a Myth………
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6 responses to “Friday Fantasy ~~~ Number Nine

  1. Jane Watson February 1, 2014 at 2:41 am

    I love the names here, especially Lie Swallower. I also like the structure of this story with the different ‘reports’ on what is happening… and which show how differing opinions from different sources can create a ‘myth’. The irony and paradox of The Myth itself, Xiethan’s, use of the word Myth at the end is wonderful. It makes you wonder what a myth is – is it a fabrication or is it a Truth, whose actual message is hard to understand if given without the disguise of tail and horns?


    • Alexander M Zoltai February 1, 2014 at 10:06 am

      What a wonderful thing to ponder, Jane:

      “…makes you wonder what a myth is – is it a fabrication or is it a Truth, whose actual message is hard to understand…”.

      Also, I’m glad you appreciate so many aspects of the story :-)


  2. penpusherpen February 1, 2014 at 6:10 am

    Great analytical-styled description Alexander, a report from the times, and of course I believe all, you wouldn’t be telling me a myth now, would you? xPenx


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