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“2014 Book Publishing Industry Predictions”

My Best Friend is already in 2014 since she’s in Melbourne, Australia :-)

I still have about 15 hours to go

Last New Years’ day I published Book-World Predictions for 2013.

None of the predictions were my own but they came from well-informed sources.

You may want to check that post out to see how right they were

Mark Coker, who’s in that past post, could well be the most informed man in the publishing industry, especially when it comes to Indie E-books.

He’s the founder and CEO of Smashwords and here’s their track record:

Words Published: 9,562,532,079
Books Published: 276,142
Free Books: 37,086

Here are his gut-honest words about the predictions he made:

“Last year I went out on a limb with 21 predictions.  Looking back on them now, several were spot on, several were premature but will still play out, and some were dead wrong.  That’s the fun of the prediction game.  Even incorrect predictions, analyzed in retrospect, help shape our understanding of the present and future.”

So, to read everything he has to say about his 2014 predictions, you’ll have to go to 2014 Book Publishing Industry Predictions – Price Drops to Impact Competitive Dynamics, but I’ll put the headers of each of them here:

1. Big publishers lower prices

2. When everyone is pricing sub $4.00, price promotions will become less effective

3. Ebook growth slows

4. Competition increases dramatically

5. Ebook sales, measured in dollar volume, will decrease in 2014

6. Ebook unit market share will increase

7. A larger wave of big-name authors will defect to indieville

8. It’s all about the writing

9. All authors become indie authors

10. Subscription ebook services will change the game

11. Traditional publishers will reevaluate their approach to self-publishing

12. Platform is king

13. Multi-author collaborations will become more common

14. Production takes on increased importance in 2014

Because, in number 8, Mark talks about mistakes authors make in their attempts to reach readers, you may want to listen to what he has to say in this video:

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