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Friday Fantasy ~~~ Number Four

Copyright, 2013, Alexander M Zoltai

The Unexpected Mythic Quest

The Centaur left her forest at full-gallop, rounding the peninsula beach and surging into the sea on her way to the Meeting Place.

The Dragon rose slowly from her forest, her serpentine body flattening to gain altitude, in no hurry to appear at the Meeting Place.

For most ordinary folk, the day was not special—fluffy clouds, warmth, and a regular routine.

For the Centaur and the Dragon, the day was Epochal—never had a day like this dawned.

The Centaur’s name was Nautal, the Dragon’s Yanell.

Nautal was Wise and Irreverent, Yanell Wise and Benevolent.

Nautal could be, on occasion, Benevolent and Yanell could, on occasion, be Irreverent but it took Special Occasions.

Their enforced Meeting on the Island was a Special Occasion.

What could enforce two Forces of Nature to conduct a Meeting neither particularly wanted to attend?

Why, Nature Herself

Nautal emerged from the sea and trotted up the beach to the palm grove. She rested but soon found herself circling the grove.

“Where is that Dragon?”

Yanell was four miles from the Island and gliding—slowly lowering her altitude.

Nautal could smell Yanell but not yet see her.

Yanell had no trouble seeing Nautal, perked like a filly.

Nautal caught site of Yanell and moved to the center of the grove, assuming her most erect sitting posture.

Yanell arrived at the Island and hovered at the edge of the beach.

A not short amount of time passed

Finally, Nautal said:

“We neither want to be here.”

“We neither have a choice.”

“So Old Mother needs help again

“Mother could do without us but, as you know, lets us help Her control the humans.”

“Why did they rise from her bowels? They think they have minds but persistently act otherwise

“They do think, mostly in circles.”

Another span of time passed with only the sea breeze speaking

Finally, Yanell said:

“I will bring forth Thunder without Rain

“That can’t be until Uranus rises with the Sun.”

“What do you offer?”

“We appear to the humans at the Winter Solstice—you let their Hero wound you—you fly above the humans, letting your blood flow on each

“Then, you kill the Hero with your spear?”

“Yes, and we let the humans who fall ill from your blood die

“Why not use the healing power of your spear to save those humans?”

“We would have to wait until the Venus-Jupiter conjunction

“I say we wait.”

“Can I still kill their Hero?”

“Yes, if I can bring his life back with my blood.”

A long period of time rolled out—Yanell continued to hover, Nautal oscillating between sitting and circling the grove

Their Task was to humble the humans—give them much to think about—raise their awareness of the intricacies of Fate.

As the stars beckoned dreamers, they resumed their planning, Yanell offering first:

“Their Hero must die and be reborn


“They must suffer some unequivocal deaths


“The sacrifice of a few will heighten their thankfulness for a reborn Hero.”

“Should we let some die from your blood or my spear?”

“Both, so they will ponder deeply

“What if we regenerate the Hero with my spear?”

“Damn! I’ve lost the thread of events

“I believe I must admit I have as well

“Shall we appeal to Mother?”


They lapsed into silence.

The rising Sun saw the continuation of their planning, Nautal leading off:

“Definitely kill their Hero and return him to life.”

“Perhaps not


The humans marveled at the cloud that remained over the Island for many years—the color of ripe plums.

The one called Hero grew old and died of natural causes.

His son assumed the Mantle and also grew to old age.

The humans mostly forgot about Heroes and their Myths began to unravel.


Mother spoke through the Island’s sands:

“Yanell, Nautal?”

Both were sleeping deeply

Mother spoke inside their heads:

“You will awake !”

They groggily replied together:

“Yes, Mother?”

“I am going to send you on a Journey.”

They woke fully and waited

The purple cloud opened a hole in its center and Yanell and Nautal were wisked up and away.


There was a planet circling a star not so far from Sol.

Nautal and Yanell descended from the clouds—Nautal immediately galloping across the landscape—Yanell gyring widely.

No humans

They met up in a large forest and Yanell said:

“I assume we must wait?”

Nautal countered:

“I assume we have been punished.”

They suddenly heard the sound of whipping wings and haunting hooves.

From the skies descended a clan of dragons—from the shadows of the forest a tribe of centaurs approached

A very old dragon and a very old centaur came near, the dragon speaking:

“We have waited long for you.”

The centaur added:

“We welcome the Ambassadresses of Our Mother.”


Many Aeons later, Nautal and Yanell met at an Island, Nautal immediately lying down, Yanell flopping at the edge of the water.

Neither spoke for many of the multiple Moons’ cycles

Yanell broke the mute communion:

“It is wearying being a Heroine

“It is humiliating

“Mother knows best

“Go to Hell
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2 responses to “Friday Fantasy ~~~ Number Four

  1. Jane Watson December 29, 2013 at 7:29 am

    I love the dialogue in this! I love the way the dragon and the centaur procrastinate and can’t get to a decision. And then I especially love that they, the Heroines, end up enmeshed as such, in the grand plan of things, and are still bickering at the end;-) They show all the frailities of humans:-)….I now know that dragons move in clans and centaurs stick to their tribe ;-)


  2. Alexander M Zoltai December 29, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    So glad you enjoyed this one, Jane :-)

    I knew nearly nothing about the story before I sat down to write it; so, it appears the Dragon and the Centaur wrote it :-)


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