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Friday Fantasy ~~~ Number One

Copyright, 2013, Alexander M Zoltai

The Merfolk

Merulla waited below the surface of the river.

She had no fear the other merfolk would feel her actions through the embrace of the water—she had incited many schools of fish to hyperactivity. They would block her presence.

She waited for the whistle from the one with legs

She wondered what kind of gem he would bring today.

She also wondered at his stupidity. He always gestured extravagantly about their future life together, sometimes displayed the member between his legs

Did he not know the differences in their anatomies?

He whistled and she rose to the surface, splashing him with spume; using her powerful tail flukes to ascend to his face and plant a kiss on his lips.

He reeled from the kiss and laughed as quietly as he could—he’d indicated their meetings had to remain a secret

Merulla gestured from him to her—where is my gift?

He reached into his pocket and produced a gem, placing it tenderly in Merulla’s open palm.

The one with legs silently communicated his longing for her, of the time to come when they would be forever together.

She rose again and gave him a lingering kiss, then she made a square in the air with her fingers.

The one with legs again reached into his pocket and retrieved a piece of oiled paper—a map of a gem-field—placing it in her hand, gaining a final kiss.

Merulla flipped herself under the water and swam home.

She thought about the praise she would receive when she finally revealed her visits to Princess Bresshoulain.

She knew it wouldn’t be too soon though, since she didn’t have enough of her own gems yet


Hesosten prepared for his public meeting with Bresshoulain—rehearsing his chain of logic.

She had  to bow to his plan—there was no other way to save his people from the ones with legs


The man on the dock shook himself alert—chasing away the dreams her kisses engendered.

He wondered at her stupidity—thinking the maps of any worth—though, a kiss from such a being was a treasure all its own, even if he engaged in what she thought was clandestine activity with the full knowledge of his people.

Still To have her be his own, to smother him with her luscious kisses——he killed his thoughts.

As he joined his hidden mates, he swore again to conquer the merfolk—make them slaves of his forest kingdom.


They gathered at the center of the Sacred Lake, five hundred merfolk—the few remaining from the time before the ones with legs began encroaching on their domain.

There had been no direct contact between them (apart from Merulla’s secret ventures)—the increasing deaths being from the massive fishing activities the ones with legs engaged in—robbing them of the particular fish they needed in their diet—that, along with the faster death from the poisons they emptied into the waters of the river.

The merfolk gathering was somber. They were to hear the upstart Hesosten’s plan for their salvation.

The quiet became more profound as Bresshoulain swam into their center, sending waves of acceptance and peace through the water.

Hesosten also swam to the center, inducing unwanted excitement in the merfolk. Some purposefully sent patterns of resistance

Bresshoulain indicated her desire for Hesosten to speak—the vibrations of his words easily travelling through the water to those at the furthest reach of the gathering.

“Oh, Princess, I thank you for granting me a public audience.”

“Get to your point.”

“We all suffer from the ones with legs. We will all die if we stay in the Sacred Lake—”

“You doubt the power of the Lake!?”

“No, but I also do not doubt the power of the lack of fish to starve us or the power of the poisons to increase our sickness.”

“Again, your point

“We must venture further than any in our time have gone—must swim upriver, past the forest to the mountains, find the Lake of Immortality.”

“Swim through the domain of the ones with legs? Let them kill us at whim?”

“They are already preparing to do that

“And, you know this how?”

“One of our own has been making contact with them. I have reasoned out the increase in fish-school frenzy—broken trust with one of our own and pilfered her personal space—”

“Hososten! You admit to a breach of trust yet claim the right to convince me of your mad plan?”

“Please, Bresshoulain, look at this evidence of a much greater breach of trust.”

He passed the Princess a fish-skin bag.

She opened it, inspected the contents

Finally, she asked Hesosten: “Who belongs to these possessions?”

“I will leave her identity’s revelation to her. When she realizes her sin, she will come forth and explain her activities.”

Bresshoulain began passing the maps and gems to those closest, as she said: “These gems are identical to the ones our ancestors brought from the mountains when they settled the Sacred Lake, the maps resemble those few we possess of the mountain river’s source.”

She remained silent as the items circulated

Hesosten began to speak and Bresshoulain motioned him to silence.

When she sensed the items had reached enough of her people, she spoke again:

“I said the maps resemble the ones from our forebears—resemble but do not match. I request the one among us who obtained these false maps to reveal herself.”

Merulla swooned where she swam, those near her bearing up her body and shouting, “Here!”.

“Bring her forward


Merulla’s misadventures became the basis of proof for Hesosten’s call to action—went further then even he suspected—showed the attempt by the ones with legs to lure the merfolk into their forest realm with false maps of gem-fields in the mountains.

Merulla’s sin also became the justification for her being the one who’s mission might most easily lead to a sacrifice for the merfolk’s success in their plan to migrate past the ones with legs and live above their polluting and thieving activities.

She would detain the leader of the ones with legs, encourage him to call a gathering of his people at the dock, make him believe she was ready to join him in his life, convince him that she could obtain legs of her own if he permitted her to perform an oral act of sex while the others watched


The ones with legs were enthralled with Merulla’s performance.

The merfolk swiftly passed through the forest river.

Merulla managed to escape after the ones with legs realized she’d tricked them—swam upriver but, in her haste, became entangled in a mass of fishing nets, later becoming a meal for the ones with legs


The merfolk thrived in the chill waters of the Lake of Immortality.

They labored for many cycles to damn the flow of the river—build up large stores of water—release them to flood the lands of the forest—deny the ones with legs their hold on their domain—force them into the plains—make of them most humble creatures
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5 responses to “Friday Fantasy ~~~ Number One

  1. Jane Watson December 7, 2013 at 8:39 am

    Wow, this certainly was a genre bending fantasy story….a fantasy with a mermaid, the man who desires one being tricked for following such a cliched idea, and a story about racial subjugation: “…he swore again to conquer the merfolk—make them slaves of his forest kingdom….” which is turned on its head by the merfolk reaching the Lake of Immortality. I enjoyed reading it. Although I realised the inevitability of Merulla’s fate (and sacrifice for her people) I was saddened by her death – which I guess goes to show how involved I was in her drama :-) I call the story: “The Price Of a Gem.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexander M Zoltai December 7, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Well, Jane, since readers have the right to derive their own meanings for figurative symbology in stories and can decide to pronounce non-standard names however they like, there’s no reason a reader can’t rename a story :-)

    And, thank you for your analysis of the genre-bending factors in the story

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pingback: I Give Myself A Fantastic Writing Challenge . . . | Notes from An Alien

  4. tribalmysticstories February 1, 2015 at 8:34 am

    I loved it! Yes, The Price of a Gem. :) Great tale.


  5. Alexander M Zoltai February 1, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    Thank you :-)


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