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Self-Publishing from A Drug Store?

Readers not from the U. S. A. might misunderstand the title of this post—a “drug store” is a place with books, food, magazines, personal hygiene items, makeup, greeting cards, school supplies, electronics, a photo shop, and, way in the back, a counter to get prescription drugs.

Regular readers of this blog know I’ve covered Self-Publishing from many angles

Two of the more unique posts were:

Libraries Weathering The Storm In Publishing


Should We All Self-Publish A Book?

They stand out because they both feature the Book Publishing Machine Espresso—take your flash drive to a store 6256317164_b132e2154c-300x199with the machine and walk out with a printed copy; or, have them print any of millions of other books in the machine’s memory, in just a few minutes (see the video below).

GeekWire recently had an article called, Bartell Drugs to bring print-on-demand book publishing machine to Seattle store—“Bartell Drugs is partnering with Kodak Alaris to put a new kiosk in its University Village store that will allow users to print books on demand in addition to printing photos. The new machine combines the functionality of Kodak photo kiosks as well as the Espresso Book Machine

Take a look at the locations of the Espresso Book Machine

The machine is even in book stores (locations with Espresso at Books-A-Million).

If you want to print your own book, you need PDF files of the book and it’s cover.

Depending on the location, a book made by Espresso can range in cost from about $6.00 to more than $30.00

Want to watch it work? :-)

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3 responses to “Self-Publishing from A Drug Store?

  1. Martina Sevecke-Pohlen December 3, 2013 at 2:31 am

    If you went to a coffee shop in the Netherlands you would be allowed to buy soft drugs for your own use. (And coffee) Because of what is called drug-tourism, coffee shops near the German border may only sell drugs to Dutch ctizens.


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