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Loving What Seems Strange to You . . .

Imagine doing something like this:

“I cut a worn blanket into squares and shaped felt into letters to create a banner reading, ‘It’s All Holy’. The blanket was once my mother’s. The project not only re-purposed a ripped blanket but also satisfied my restlessness, as the day I spent creating the banner was the first anniversary of her death.

“I hiked through the snow to hang the message outside between winter-bare trees. Beyond the banner lay our land where carefully tended free-range cows and chickens live.  On the other side, the banner’s words faced a conventional farm where animals are confined and raised on unnatural feed. I believe it’s all holy, but faith isn’t easily applied to real life. Standing there on a bright cold day with those words lifting in the breeze I could almost imagine what it would mean to live beyond concepts of good and bad, sorrow and joy, ordinary and sacred.”

Those words are from Laura Grace Weldon (writer, book editor, farm wench, perpetual optimist, peace-maker, subversive cook) in her article Feeding Creativity With Constraints.

More from that article:

“Although we set creative people off in a special category, being creative is simply part of the human experience. You’re creative all the time. You might change your approach to a difficult neighbor, tackle a work problem from a new angle, adapt a recipe to suit ingredients on hand, make up a game to amuse a fretful child, figure out another way to do your errands when a road is closed. We have to come up with new ideas and different tactics constantly. Often they’re imposed on us by obstacles. Annoying as constraints might be, as something original comes forth in response we’re likely to feel that zing of aliveness that creativity sparks.

“Constraints can actually promote creativity.”

This blog, Notes from An Alien, explores Reading, Writing, and Publishing; and, all those activities have certain constraints—like: sitting still long enough to appreciate a story, sitting still long enough to write a book, sitting still long enough to envision new vistas of publishing

And, even though sitting still can be a challenge in our frenetic world, getting up and going can be a constraint as well

Laura approaches the end of her article with these words:

“Constraints, annoying as they may be, can push us to engage in new ways of seeing and being.”

Then, she shares these links:

16 Ways to Spark Creativity

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7 Ways to Make Your Day More Magical
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2 responses to “Loving What Seems Strange to You . . .

  1. Laura Grace Weldon November 27, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Thanks for sharing my post Alexander. Your book is an extraordinary example of creativity. Whatever constraints you experience, you transcend them.


  2. Alexander M Zoltai November 27, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Thank you, Laura, for those encouraging words :-)

    And, you’re more than welcome for the sharing of your post(s)—it gave me Joy


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