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Is Science Fiction Always Prophetic?

While science fiction can seem to always be predicting possible futures, some of it fails miserably, some nails it, and some is written so far in the future we can’t judge

I’ll quote two famous Sci-Fi writers from an article in livescience:

Ray Bradbury—“Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn’t exist yet, but soon will, and will change everything for everybody, and nothing will ever be the same again…It is always the art of the possible, never the impossible.”

Kim Stanley Robinson—“All sci-fi put together gives you a feel for the future that is fuzzy…taken together, they give you a kind of weather forecast…”

And, even though I put my short novel in the documentary/family history “genre”, some folks, with reason, call it Science Fiction.

I’ve tried to show what a “future” world (in some other time-stream) would be like if the current rift between the secular and the religious were widened even more than it is.

For my “predictions” about religion you can check out some of my Behind The Scenes posts

For a peek at a Corporate World, read Can Corporations Actually Take Total Control of Our World?

When I was preparing to write my book, I did massive studies of past and current trends in religious and corporate power.

I attempted, in the novel, to paint a picture (some would say an allegory) of what might be possible in our future

You might want to grab a free copy of Notes from An Alien to see if we’re headed where I think we are

As far as corporations taking over, it certainly seems they already have tremendous control over many realms of human life

To see an aspect of their interference in the governmental domain (which wreaks havoc in the lives of honest working folk), look into The New York Times article, Under My Thumb.

And, I’ll quote a bit of that post I linked to, Can Corporations Actually Take Total Control of Our World?, to give yet more information about the intentions of current corporate power structures:

I want to give you a few links that might show you what some of our World’s corporations are up to and how they seem to be trying to do away with what most of us conceive of as governments

“First, an article about who the President of the United States turned to for help with the political emergency he faced: Obama banks on big business to help end deadlock.

“Next, an article about the Trans-Pacific Partnership from the Electronic Frontier Foundation about Corporate takeover of trade.

“And, last, a video about the current governmental crisis in the U. S. A. that brings up the role of the Koch BrothersGovernment Close Down – Another Grand Betrayal in the Works?

And, since the Trans-Pacific Partnership folks are trying to keep their plans secret, you might find this video Interesting

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