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Can Writers Learn from Painters?

I’ll begin with a quote from Lena Levin: Isabelle (after Pablo Picasso)

“I am a painter, a painter of poems

Back in May, I published another post about her: Poetry and Painting on Google Plus :-)

I met Lena on Google Plus and after I showcase some of her blog posts I’ll list other G+ links where she shares her creative energy

Also, you can find a generous collection of her works on her WebSite.

It appears I gave her the impetus for the following four blog posts with a question I asked her on G+:

“How do you incorporate a ‘story’ (meaning some sort of ‘plot’) into one painting?”

Her answer is in these four posts:

Stories in painting (I)

Stories in painting — II: of gods and humans

Stories in painting III: like a dog

Stories in painting IV: a path to synthesis

So, it does appear writers can learn from painters; and, not just by absorbing the meaning hidden in or shouting from the canvas

Here are Lena’s other Google Plus endeavors, in her own words:

“I run the +In Studio with Masters page here on G+, dedicated to studies from masters of painting.

+Terrill Welch and I run G+ with brushes page, an on-going digest of original  paintings posted publicly on G+.

+Samantha Villenave and I run First Friday Art Walk, a monthly virtual art show on G+.”

Since Lena took a question of mine and wrote four blog posts about it, I’ll get brave and give her a quote to respond to, hopefully right here in the Comments :-)

“A poem is never finished, only abandoned.”
~~~ Paul Valery 

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2 responses to “Can Writers Learn from Painters?

  1. the optimistic pessimist November 11, 2013 at 10:11 am

    Great post, thanks for sharing! :)


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