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Why Would An Author Want To Be Independent?

O.K., about that title up there

Most authors have quite a bit of independence about them, except the poor souls who crank out formulaic genre bestsellers

Let me clarify—I’ve certainly read formulaic genre bestsellers—read them and found them wanting

But then, I’m an independent reader :-)

So, as the publishing field has adopted digital, all hell has broken loose—writers have a plethora of options and pundits keep inventing new names for the “new” authors

“Indie” is one of those names that has stuck and gained respectability—Independent as opposed to Traditionally published.

There’s an organization I’m thinking about joining called The Alliance of Independent Authors—>here’s a link to their blog.

About a week ago, I made a comment on a post they had on Google Plus and the Founder, Orna Ross, responded by telling me my comment had sparked a debate in their office

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll publish a post about that :-)

The Alliance, known as ALLi, has an impressive group of advisors and I was pleased to see two of them are folks I’ve featured quite a bit on this blog—Joel Friedlander and Jane Friedman.

Another of their advisors, who’s also been featured here, is the Founder of Smashwords, Mark Coker.

I’ll get back to Mark in a second but, last night, in a virtual world I hang out in, a women mentioned getting ready to self-publish some of her poems. Another person there mentioned Amazon; and, my Best Friend mentioned that I published with FastPencil.

The interesting thing about it all was how folks thought Amazon was the only place to do free self-publishing

Back to Mark Coker.

Check out the past post, Is Amazon The “Only” Place To Publish An E-Book?—it’s about Mark and Smashwords.

So, Mark and Alli?

Here are two videos with Orna Ross and Mark Coker, long videos (for those who truly desire to be an Independent Author)

The first is all about successful self-publishing and the second is about how to sell books in the Apple iBooks store.

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