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10 Places to Seek and Offer Book Recommendations

Last month, Digital Book World had an article about book recommendation sites.

Some of them you may already know about, some not

I’ll give you the links here but let you go to the article to read why they picked them-—>Top Ten Book Recommendation Platforms.


2: Book Bub


4: Bookish

5: Goodreads

6: Jellybooks

7: Riffle

8: Sony Reader Store

9: What Should I Read Next

10: Which Book

Do, please, go read what they say about each of those sites

They also have some Honorary Mentions:

Book Scout
Next Read
The Reading Room
Your Next Read

If you use any of those sites, please share your impressions in the Comments :-)
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6 responses to “10 Places to Seek and Offer Book Recommendations

  1. Jane Watson September 16, 2013 at 6:16 am

    I really found this list very useful. I decided to do my own survey of several places which I had never heard of – Book Bub, Jellybooks and Riffle. All of these sites are really useful places to find books to read… some were easier than others to use from Australia – The discount on Amazon which I chose from Book Bub did not seem to exist for an Australian customer …or perhaps it was not clear to me how to obtain it, and whilst they had a long list they had very little ‘literary fiction’, (which was my ‘test category’), whereas Jellybooks had a huge literary list. Riffle looked gorgeous but it requires you to access it via Facebook and Twitter and I don’t use either much. Nevertheless all had some interesting book choices and I did finally buy a book by Italo Calvino from Amazon suggested by Book Bub but not at the reduced price they were advertising it as, which I would not have bought if I had not seen it first on their site…;-)


  2. Artem Bezrukov January 22, 2014 at 2:14 am

    Check out – a site with book lists of outstanding entrepreneurs, politician, media personalities


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