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The Corporate Education of Children

Here we are at Friday and another in the continuing series of posts with Behind The Scenes information about my short novel Notes from An Alien.

This post does have some spoilers in it so, if you hate spoilers, just grab a free copy of the book and take the time to read its 96 pages

If you don’t mind spoilers, read the scenes below (they’re not in the original novel) and see if they intrigue you enough to get a copy :-)

The novel has a World called Anga that’s completely Corporate and another World, Anla, that’s completely Religious.

The scenes below show a child growing up on the Corporate World.

Next Friday, I’ll write some new scenes about a child growing up on the Religious World ( many thanks to Jane Watson for suggesting next week’s post :-).

Don’t forget, you can ask questions or make suggestions about Any part of the book in Any of the Comments of these Friday posts


He was born just before sunrise.

His parents were mid-level managers of the Corporation—Mom in the Clothing Sector, Dad in the Food Sector.

They hadn’t really wanted a child.

They wanted to position themselves for higher levels of Service to the Corporation.

They were completely unaware that the Simulated Recreation provided by the Corporation had stimulated their endocrine systems to increase the likelihood they would procreate.


By the time the boy had reached the age of five, he’d become an even greater burden to his parents—taking yet more time away from their pursuit of Corporate Positions with his incessant questions

They wished the Corporate Directives for Simulated Recreation had already been extended to children his age but that was still a proposal undecided by the Corporate Leadership.

One of their Friend-Couples knew of an inexpensive Caretaker Service approved of by the Corporation.

They didn’t know the very low cost was because the Caretaker was one of the Harian religious folk. There were all sorts of inexpensive helpers and the Corporation was all for low wage professionals.


By the time the boy had reached the age of ten, his parents had achieved a level increase in their Corporate Positions.

The boy had been learning techniques from the Harian Caretaker that helped him resist the deep suggestions implanted in the Simulated Recreation he’d been taking for three years


At the boy’s twelfth birthday celebration, shared with only the Caretaker, this conversation was not heard by the Corporation’s listening devices:

“Sevra, your parents don’t know about the methods I’m using to keep this conversation between just you and me and I think you know enough to not tell them.”

“Sure, Movar, I respect your decisions and my parents don’t care about what I do as long as it doesn’t bother them.”

“How are you doing with handling the impact of your Simulated Recreation?”

“Some days it’s very hard to resist but it does seem to be getting easier

“Just realize your progress is completely dependent on your desire to be a free agent, to make your own God-blessed decisions. I abhor the need for you and I to pretend we’re being affected by the suggestions in the Recreation but this is the way things are just now. You know I don’t expect you to believe what I do about the Arrival of the New Prophet. But I pray, when he does arrive, you are wise enough to follow His Teachings and aid His Cause.”

“Movar, I do believe there’s a Creator or Essence or Power, I don’t know, a Something that makes the World happen Tell me again, why your religious beliefs are so—rational?”

“Like I’ve said before, religion without rationality is superstition. And, God didn’t give us minds just so we’d use them in ways that trap us into delusions. I will ask you one more time, Sevra, with more seriousness then ever before, do you want to continue your education in resisting the efforts of the Corporation to control you?”

“Of course.”

“Be sure, Sevra, be very sure in your deepest self, because the demands of resistance are severe. You haven’t had to face some of the kinds of Simulated Recreation someone of my age must endure. You don’t know how hard it can be, even with Faith, to persist on the path of Individual Justice

“Movar, I know enough to know I don’t want to be like the other kids. I may not be able to make a clear decision about your Prophet but I can know I absolutely won’t worship the Corporation.”


By the time Sevra was seventeen, he had become Class Leader in the Corporation’s local school.

He’d lost weight but gained will power. He’d lost friends but gained valuable information on the Corporation’s tactics. He’d lost all contact with his parents but gained a wise companion in Movar.

He only wished he could see Movar again

Perhaps he could if he could get the Corporation to brand him a criminal so he could be on the space ship being planned for a journey to the World of Anla.

Movar was in Detention. Movar was a “religiously unbalanced” criminal now. Movar was dangerous to the Corporation.

Sevra had to do something to become a “mentally unstable” criminal—as the official Pronouncement had it, “A person with a pernicious streak of wild inventiveness that refused to conform to the wishes of the Corporation.”.

The criminals were being rounded up and given intense Simulated Recreation to make them into weapons—time-released problems for the priests on Anla—tools for a takeover of the Religious World

Sevra knew Movar would not succumb to the conditioning.

And, if Sevra could use the wisdom Movar had helped him gain, he could be on the ship that would carry Movar to a World even stranger than this Corporate one………
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6 responses to “The Corporate Education of Children

  1. libraryassociate September 7, 2013 at 10:07 am

    It is sad that the couple chose business over raising a family. Te post leaves me wondering more about Movar. Did Movar have many students that he taught? Did they all receive the impact that Sevra did from the teachings? Was it a student that exposed what Movar was doing? Is that what got him arrested? Is there a prison system in the corporate world? Is there literature?


  2. John Paul September 7, 2013 at 11:04 am

    Thank You I look forward to it!


  3. Jane Watson September 9, 2013 at 6:15 am

    I found this very interesting and it deepened my understanding of this Corporate World – it seems remarkably like some of our large multinational companies, especially TV networks and newspapers. How many folks, I wonder, really understand how much they are being conditioned by their daily newspaper or how much what they take to be ‘truth’ being reported really isn’t? I think most intelligent, aware, folks would be shocked if they really knew how much interference can happen to the sources they believe are independent…:-)


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