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The Earliest Days of A World Government

Friday again—Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien again :-)

And, again, I encourage you to ask Any questions about the book in the Comments of Any of these Friday posts.

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Some folks may feel today’s post has spoilers because I’m writing a scene that reveals something from the book.

But the back cover of the novel says you can expect these people to have a Worlds’ Government—no spoiler—just a featured attraction :-)

Last Friday I wrote the post Can A World Government Be Anything But A Dictatorship?

In the new scenes in that post (not in the published edition) I hinted at the possibility that there could be a Worlds’ Government that wasn’t a dictatorship—the book itself gives further evidence for that claim

If you haven’t read the book yet, today’s post may give you reason to get a copy.

Do understand, these people are trying to get over 500 years of war between two planets—one totally Corporate and one totally Religious

Today I’ll write a new scene, again not in the published edition, giving a glimpse of the first meeting of the first Convocation of the Worlds’ Government of the Angi System.

[ EDIT: for a detailed description of the building in this scene, please refer to a comment made on this post :-) ]


They sat in the newly constructed building, each one honored to be here, each one anxious of heart, each one sober and alert.

The nine members knew their agenda—explore and decide upon the implementation and necessary procedural actions of the last five propositions agreed upon by the Worlds’ Leadership Councils:

5. The Worlds’ Council will determine the permanent boundaries of each territory of both Worlds.

6. The Worlds’ Council will determine all trade and commerce regulations of both Worlds.

7. The Worlds’ Council will enact any Worlds’ Laws deemed important to maintain Worlds’ Peace.

8. The Worlds’ Council will be the Court of Last Resort for all Worlds’ disagreements.

9. The Worlds’ Council will develop a Worlds’ Protective Force to enforce its mandates.

This would be the first of nineteen scheduled meetings of the First Convocation of The Worlds’ Council of Angi.

This would be a trial by fire of all nine members.

Their audience was composed of every member of each Leadership Council able to attend—twenty-four in a hall designed for 1,000—an ominously silent audience.

There would be recordings of the meetings—the Worlds’ peoples would know what happened.

That larger, delayed audience’s spirit was in the hall.

Member Solvien, elected Chair, brought the meeting to order. His words were living history:

“Leadership Council Members and fellow Members of the Worlds’ Council of Angi, we few people gather to make decisions of awesome potentiality—decisions that will form the fabric of society for the war-torn Worlds of Anga and Anla—a fabric that will undoubtedly be legislatively rewoven as time advances. I propose the first decision to be made is whether we allow spoken commentary from Leadership Council members before each vote of the Worlds’ Council.”

There was no need to call a vote. Nearly unanimously, the other eight Members said, “Agreed.”.

The Leadership Councils were to be dissolved when arrangements for election of Local, Regional, and Territorial Councils was in place and the Members of the Worlds’ Council needed the input and cooperation of the Leadership Councils’ Members—their on-the-ground experience and their ability to broadcast the desired spirit of fairness and justice to the peoples of the Worlds.

Member Solvien continued:

“We have eighteen more meetings in this convocation to deal with the propositions from the Leadership Councils.

“We are all familiar, deep in our hearts, with the condition of our peoples—a condition that we must honor and attend to—shattered lives, strangled dreams, and anxious hopes

“Shall we agree to loosen the sense of official protocol and devote our time in this first meeting to an exploration of the crying needs of the people—devote the power we’ve been given to attune ourselves to the spirit of the Worlds’—the immense potential of our broken people?”

Again, no vote called—again, simultaneously, “Agreed!”.

500 years of anguish and death haunted the gathering—a future of peace and tranquility was the goal—each attendee would later relate the sense of an almost spiritual compassion that overtook them.


Marfe and Jonma sat in the cafe sipping their drinks.

Both had been active in helping with all the mundane necessities of seeing to the practical needs of the people in the Worlds’ Council chambers.

Both were exceedingly exhausted.

They had been the creators of a slogan that spread to every city, village, and hamlet of the Worlds:

“War is Hell. Peace is Unnerving.”
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8 responses to “The Earliest Days of A World Government

  1. Jane Watson August 31, 2013 at 9:31 am

    I really like the cinematic effect of the way you take a long camera shot around the meeting hall and then, as you pan, you telescope in on individuals such as Solvien and then the eighteen members as a whole but I especially like how, at the end, you focus in on Marfe and Jonma, outsiders, who only observe the meeting through their duties to the members.
    Finally, however, I have a question – although the scene in the meeting hall is very evocative, as soon as you told me about the “…newly constructed building…” I longed for a visual description of it. My mind’s camera wanted to sweep across its details… :-) I wonder if others felt this? ;-)


  2. John Paul Mahofski September 1, 2013 at 7:41 am

    “War is Hell. Peace is Unnerving.” This would be a fantastic title if you ever do a guide to go with Notes. :)


  3. Jane Watson September 2, 2013 at 9:09 am

    My mind’s camera did give me some clues… I saw a large domed building with panels of glass to let in the light – we know it is large because it was ‘a hall designed for 1,000’ and putting in a dome enables the building of a large and impressive structure. That structure would be very dark inside if ample light was not allowed in, hence the glass panels. We do get the impression that sound carries and reverberates within this room as Solvien is clearly and impressively -‘His words were living history’- heard throughout it, so the acoustics would also suggest a high ceiling.

    It is a ‘newly constructed building’ so my mind’s eye sees the use of new materials which look attractive, age well and have extra high tech qualities that enable them to ‘breathe’, to conduct or to muffle sound and to give out calming and mind focussing energies. The high and prestigious purpose of the building would also indicate that part of it should also be made of artefacts considered precious so rare natural materials indigenous to the area would be an obvious choice – wood, metal, glass, Angian stone…

    The seats may be arranged in a circular shape so no one member dominates the large round table which rises up out of the floor when needed. At the centre of this table there would be the need for a sophisticated recording and listening device perhaps in the shape of a plasma crystal that captures sound – ‘There would be recordings of the meetings—the Worlds’ peoples would know what happened…’

    When references or information on a particular point were needed what better help could be had than an AI like Morna hovering in the air like a Persian lamp over the gathering? Recordings could be transferred to this AI for archiving as well as being instantly disseminated via the plasma crystal
    To one or both sides of the main seating area there would smaller doorways that lead out onto corridors connected to the kitchen where food is prepared for the members and on the other side of the kitchen is the cafe where Marfe and Jonma drink their coffee. It would be pleasant if the cafe faced an internal garden in the complex where the domed meeting hall is.. ;-) This could also allow for an large glass soundproofed wall on one side of the meeting hall through which the members of the Council could enjoy the peace of the inner garden without being disturbed.

    And finally it would be a mistake to have a dome without allowing for a centrepiece at the apex to be adorned with something symbolic such as a mosaic of the logo of the Worlds’ Council of Angi – or even a picture of the the triple worlds.

    Would you like to see the drawing plans? :-) lol.


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