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Can A World Government Be Anything But A Dictatorship?

Here we are at Friday again with another Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien post.

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Today’s post does constitute a Spoiler but you could read the book in a short time (about 100 pages) and come back to this post, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like spoilers

The following scenes are not in the published edition.

They all occur before Angi attains its final form of government.

And, they all occur way before Angi finds enduring Peace


Zeman was stunned.

“The war’s over?”

“Yes, Zeman. Finally

“But, Torin, what will we do?”

“Start over

“With what?”

“With hope


Chief Sastu called the Corporate Leadership Council to order.

“We have much work ahead of us. We must still  assure that the proposed Worlds’ Council, if it comes into being, names us the planet’s representa—”

Member Hadur interrupted with, “The hell you say, Sastu, we need to get someone to attack the Worlds’ Coun—”

Member Rela interrupted with, “Shut up Hadur, what we have to do is apply for a flight to Anla—get away from this doomed Wor—”

Member Newu interrupted with, “We should all commit suicide


Anga’s Planetary Leadership Council met under its usual duress from attempting to keep their planet alive.


Leadership Councils on both the corporate and religious Worlds of Angi were struggling with the terms proposed for a Worlds’ Council.


Zeman and Torin continued their struggle up the hill.

Zeman said, “You think seeing these people will help?”

“These people are sane and compassionate.”

“But, you really think they can help us with our business?”

“I do.”

Velu and Zena greeted Zeman and Torin as they approached the door to the humble cottage.

They got them settled and offered refreshments.

Velu said, “I felt you coming to us many miles away. You want our help with your business.”

Zeman said, “We’ve heard about your abilities in Plasma communication but how much do you know?”

“You have an import business—used to deal in household goods—all your facilities were destroyed two years ago and you’ve been looking for ways to re-establish your business ever since.”

Torin said, “Yes, and rumor has it you know more about this proposed Worlds’ Council than anyone.”

Zena said, “Velu and I have been the main promoters of the Council.”

Velu said, “You want to know if the Worlds’ Council will implement a resurrection initiative for trade businesses.”

“Yes!”, said Torin and Zeman.

Velu continued:

“Don’t wait for the Worlds’ Council, they’ll have their hands full for years just making sure the Territorial, Regional, and Local Councils are up and functioning. Plus, we have great faith but less then certain knowledge that the current Leadership Councils will affirm election of the Worlds’ Council. I would recommend you get to know the members of the Anlan Leadership Council—offer to help them establish new trade conditions.”


Ronu and Ean began their conversation in earnest as soon as the waiter had taken their order and left.

Ean said, “So, how’s the organizing going?”

“Could be better and I think we need another fear campaign.”

“Worried the Worlds’ Council will actually be voted in?”

“Everybody wants it, they’re crazy for it.”

“That’s because it’s the best thing that could happen for them.”

“What!? You, too?”

“No, it won’t be the best thing for us, just for them. It’s a brilliant plan, even if most of it comes straight from that religious book.”

“The Aklans

“Yes, I still don’t know how some crazed prophet came up with a form of government that’s so rational.”

“You still sound like you support it, Ean

“Never. Rational is not what will help us. We want dominance. We want freedom. We want massive profit.”



Preeko sat with her grandfather on the back porch of his ancient home.

After he’d drunk his liquor she began the conversation she’d been aching to start.

“Grandfather, you think this Worlds’ Council will work?”

“So, you’re into that, eh?”

“Lots of my friends are talking about it.”

“And, I suppose you don’t know the details?”

“I did look at one of the reports—looks like the Leadership Councils will accept it

“It’s about time somebody did something decent.”


“Girl, we have two Worlds that were at war for hundreds of years—one nearly dead—one waking up from insanity.”

“Yes, but wouldn’t it be better for the Worlds’ to choose what’s best for each, not have some looming government rule everything?”

“You’re confusing independence with irresponsibility.”


“They aren’t really two Worlds anymore, Preeko; what with all these spaceships it’s like one World in two places.”

“I see that grandfather, but their histories are so different

“And, their people are so damned the same.

“Yes, I see that……

“So, what’s stuck in your throat?”

“Well, spit it out, girl.”

“Lots of folks are saying it came straight from Akla’s Writings.”


“How can a religion have principles that will work for everyone?”

“Don’t matter where the plan came from, it’s the best set of thoughts I’ve ever read.”

“How do you see it working for everyone without becoming something evil?”

“You familiar with the structure?”

“Local Councils vote for Regional Councils, Regionals vote for Territorials, Territorials vote for Worlds’ Council, right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with that?”

“Seems there could be all kinds of deals worked, at all those levels, to favor certain people

“Seems any system will take some time to prove itself, eh?”

“But, what guarantees are there that the Worlds’ Council won’t become evil?”

“Guarantees are only as good as the people who make them.”


“People have to recover from the War first. They need some way to exercise their rational abilities—a way to practice making good decisions. Sure there’ll be some mistakes and some problems; but, a Worlds’ government voted in from the bottom up is the only way all the people can practice being sane.”

“I think I understand

“Dear Preeko, you better understand. I ain’t gonna be around long enough to keep explaining


Things slowly got better.

People slowly got wiser.

Atrocities did occur from time to time but less frequently as stability grew.

A new consciousness slowly spread—a sense of Oneness—a sense of peace
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9 responses to “Can A World Government Be Anything But A Dictatorship?

  1. Jane Watson August 23, 2013 at 9:07 am

    I am really enjoying these ‘behind the scenes’ posts. I feel as though my understanding of the book itself is being deepened. Peoples’ reaction to war and the cessation of war can often be strange and not what one would always expect. This reminded me of the different stances taken by the characters in ‘The Plague’ by Albert Camus – some wanted a solution, some wanted to remain in a state of siege because in that state they felt more alive and perhaps safer. Change is always hard, you depict that very well in the different voices here. Some of the characters in this post seem bewildered by the prospect of peace and a new world council, which is fascinating, but the most moving piece is the conversation between Preeko and her grandfather…..:-)


  2. Alexander M Zoltai August 23, 2013 at 9:55 am

    Thank you, so much, Jane :-)

    I really enjoyed writing the scene with Preeko and her grandfather—I always like it when new characters introduce themselves to me, even when they’re like Ean…


  3. Tomas Karkalas August 24, 2013 at 11:32 am

    “A new consciousness slowly spread—a sense of Oneness—a sense of peace…” and I feel myself very uncomfortable to name that sense the lovely self-deception. “Atrocities did occur from time to time but less frequently as stability grew” but does that matter if we are looking at a mirror? What can be more cruel than the perception of personal silence to God’s teaching? Than not doing what is right but risky?..
    While thinking about who can look more ugly than I, I visualized the Divine Light as never pictorial and bright – thank you for the enablement to experience that.


    • Alexander M Zoltai August 24, 2013 at 12:08 pm


      I don’t know if you’ve read the book but you say, “…I feel myself very uncomfortable to name that sense the lovely self-deception.”, and I can assure you these people do reach a True Peace :-)

      Dear sir,

      Could you further explain this comment of yours:
      “…I visualized the Divine Light as never pictorial and bright – thank you for the enablement to experience that.”


      • Tomas Karkalas August 24, 2013 at 3:53 pm

        While reading you – your words that urged to think – I looked at my mirror- at my inner I and am very thankful for that. That enabled me to see the difference between my thoughts about life and the actions more clearly – I have felt myself the dirty before the perfect purity of the divine light: the guilty for my sense of self righteousness… I did not know how I could explain that in more detail.
        I think while reading we all try to fit the text to our own experiences and thus we all are reading personal stories while reading the same book. So at times the same book can lead us to different conclusions. I see that as the relationship between the tree roots and the branches” the author is the roots and the readers are the branches which fruitfulness depends on the roots.
        Thank you for the feeding us.


        • Alexander M Zoltai August 24, 2013 at 6:57 pm


          Thank you for explaining your thoughts so well — I especially like, “the same book can lead us to different conclusions. I see that as the relationship between the tree roots and the branches“.


  4. Angela Yuriko Smith August 26, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    How about October 8th for the show?  Here’s all the info:

    Journal Jabber – how it works The shows are recorded live on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. central with an active chat room audience.  The interviews are done via regular telephone.  Ten minutes before your show is scheduled to begin, please call in at (858) 365-5540.  From there it’s easy, we just have a chat.   As soon as you are scheduled, please send me four images I can use on the slideshow.  Images of book covers and your photo are suggested.  I will be promoting the show on my blog,, on my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and suggest you share it as well. Authors that write poetry are invited to participate in another feature I have on my blog; Poetry Slam Sunday.  I share 2-4 poems with a link back to the authors books, profile etc.  This has been an interesting way for authors to share their work beyond the usual guest post.

    Please email images and questions to The Journal Jabber and blogging schedule is here: You can listen to past episodes at You are welcome to connect with me on Facebook at Or Twitter @AngelaYSmith   __Angela Yuriko Smith__________________________________________________   Author at Ember Press

      Blogger at Dandilyon Fluff    Assistant Editor at Beacon Newspapers    



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