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Fictional Science & Science Fiction

My most recent book might be considered sci-fi by some readers or perhaps Speculative Fiction

And, even though science fiction doesn’t have to have accurate science (since it’s fiction), many sci-fi writers strive to keep most of their science authentic or at least “plausible”

So, where do they go to get it right?

If writers use mainstream scientists as their expert resource, they will probably not have True science.

[Reader says, “What did you say, Alex?!”]

Basically, I’m saying that most mainstream scientists are not using the Scientific Method.

If you’ve ever encountered an expert—even a world-renowned one—yet known they were full of it, you might understand my saying that mainstream science can, often, be dead wrong.

For instance, the word Cosmology, defined in my Oxford dictionary as:

“the science of the origin and development of the universe. Modern cosmology is dominated by the Big Bang theory, which brings together observational astronomy and particle physics. ”

First off, the Big Bang theory has no Scientific validity.

Also, if you check the etymology of the word,
“mid 17th century: from French cosmologie or modern Latin cosmologia, from Greek kosmos ‘order or world’ + -logia ‘discourse'”,
you see cosmology as a discourse about the world.

You may not be aware of the fact, but mainstream cosmology discourses about many things yet never broaches a conversation about you and me

Why have humans been left out of cosmology?

Perhaps for the same reason mainstream scientists believe the universe began by exploding from Nowhere?

There are certain scientists questioning the egregious fantasies that parade themselves as science.

Michael Clarage is one of them.

Here’s his short Bio:

“B.A. from Carleton / Ph.D. from Brandeis Research in Radio Astronomy, Fractional Calculus, Protein function, Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, Neuroplasticity, Transformation in Biology, Genome Plasticity”

I urge you, even if you don’t try to have proper science in your writing, to take the next 18 minutes and listen to this man make some Eminent Sense ( he’s not that hard to understand :-)

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