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Cleaning Out The Closet . . .

Regular readers know I use a number of sources for possible blog posts—I even use myself on the Friday Behind The Scenes posts :-)

I gather possibilities without deciding if they’ll actually turn into a post—some I just can’t figure out how to use, though I still think they’re worth reading

So, here come some links to articles I haven’t got around to featuring (Enjoy):

Library of Congress acts as America’s hard drive

American Zoetrope and The Virtual Studio

De-Privatizing Poetry

Synesthesia and the Poetry of Numbers: Autistic Savant Daniel Tammet on Literature, Math, and Empathy, by Way of Borges

Faith in Fiction

Better Than Fall Back: The Small Press Option

Amazon is not a miracle cure for obscurity

Amazon Divides And Conquers

If you read some of those, it would really help me if you’d let me know what you think in the Comments :-)
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4 responses to “Cleaning Out The Closet . . .

  1. Tomas Karkalas August 15, 2013 at 7:08 am

    Each post in your list has the thoughts worthy of pondering deeper so I would be brief – portray the vision I have about the writing (about any form of the creativity) The want of a discussion with our awe took a pen and inscribed the first word – put a test to us: what would be next? Either we will continue in faith or try to succeed with wise promotion of what was already said by us?
    Let’s recall our Lord Jesus Christ. He didn’t publish a single word but His teachings have shaken the whole earth. Is that not an example to us? Unfortunately, many have stumbled here.


  2. Jane Watson August 15, 2013 at 8:21 am

    The two links I most enjoyed here were the the one where Yeats talks about de-privatising poetry and the one where Daniel Tammet talks about sets…..”…defining a set owes more to art than it does to science…” I definitely agree and I suddenly realised how apt a description this is of what a writer tries to do in fiction… defining characters, themes, locations in terms of their ‘sets’. I’m going to look out for Tammet’s books, thanks for finding him for me in your ‘clean up’ :-)


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